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Warhammer Team Hit By Layoffs 89

Zonk notes that Mythic Entertainment, developer of Warhammer Online, is being hit by another round of layoffs. The report estimates that between 60 and 130 staff were let go as part of Electronic Arts' reduction of its workforce. This comes alongside news that the number of Warhammer subscribers has settled to around 300,000. Mythic's Mark Jacobs was quick to affirm that while they were "resizing the team," their plans and schedule are unchanged, citing lower demands on QA now that the launch period has passed. Hopefully this means that their upcoming "live expansion," A Call to Arms, will not be affected by the layoffs.
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Warhammer Team Hit By Layoffs

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  • by Lachrymite ( 115440 ) on Thursday February 05, 2009 @02:16PM (#26741067)

    I think you underestimate the chain reaction effect that happens when an MMORPG doesn't "cater to a niche of Apple fans." The rather large WoW guild I was in at the time WAR launched discussed doing a mass guild reroll to WAR and then decided against it because a decent chunk of our members, all using Macs, didn't want to have to deal with installing Bootcamp. While only maybe five or six players couldn't physically play the game, they were popular enough among the other few dozen that everyone just ended up sticking with WoW after all.

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