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Strange Glitches In Games 282

Parz writes "Even the best of game developers can leave a big dirty glitch buried within its products that can turn a gameplay experience on its head (sometimes literally). Gameplayer has trawled through the web to locate video footage of some of the more amazing and hilarious examples of glitches in games. It acts as an interesting insight into the bugs that some games — especially today — ship with. What interesting bugs have you encountered?"
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Strange Glitches In Games

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  • by Twide ( 1142927 ) on Monday April 06, 2009 @12:40AM (#27471973)
    There was once this glitch
  • Final Fantasy Bugs (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday April 06, 2009 @12:43AM (#27471983)

    Two off the top of my head:

    In Final Fantasy 7, you can cast a spell like regen (which gives health over time) during a battle then you can pop open the playstation cd lid. The fight pauses, but you keep on getting healed.

    In both Final Fantasy 2 (4j) and Final Fantasy 3 (6j) there were bugs which allowed you to duplicate items thanks to programming errors.

    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by ShecoDu ( 447850 )

      Don't forget about the psyco cyan glitch in ff6, a combination of remort, imp, death and life will make him unleash an infinite attack combo until the enemies are dead.

    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      The bug with Relm's Sketch ability in the first batch of US FF3 carts was probably one of the biggest game glitches I've seen, but also one of the most useful. After using sketch the game would usually glitch and get screwy graphics but you could save, reset and reload and it would go away. However, your inventory would have a bunch of random changes with several stacks of 255 items. The last time I played through on a glitched cart, it gave me 255 of one of the best swords in the game (Illumina) and 255

      • Cool idea, I remember when I lost my save because of that. Bastard :(.

        I think sketching intangirs is on the same level as the missingno bug.

    • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward

      More FF glitches. In FF7 you can find the W-item materia in Midgar on the train tracks. It is for using 2 items in a turn and could be used to duplicate items easily. Just pick something like elixir and use it on a character. Pick the same item again and cancel it and you will have an extra elixir added to your inventory. So smacking O and X over and over could get you 99 megalixirs in no time. Very handy for getting lots of those expensive greens for the chocobos.
      FFT had a somewhat similar glitch. Just equ

      • by Rei ( 128717 ) on Monday April 06, 2009 @01:36PM (#27478407) Homepage

        Bah, that's the lousy version of the tactics cloning bug ;) There's one version you can do that lets you clone any shield or weapon, 100% free. I don't remember the exact mechanism offhand (although I remember that you do *not* buy at any point and time; it's all done within the fitting screen). It's something along the lines of using Equip Shield in a job class that allows you to use the weapon you want to clone, then go into the fitting room, try to put a shield in the left hand, and then best fit, and then manually revert back to your original eq. Something like that. I'd have to mess around to figure it out again, and I recall it varies a bit depending on what you want to clone. In my best savegame, I had 99 of all of the best weapons and shields.

        Want some more tactics glitches? That game was glitch city ;) Two of my favorites:

        1) Learn abilities for free. Doesn't work in every class, and like most tactics bugs, there's a bit of finesse to exploiting it. It only works for job classes where you can scroll down the page, and not all of them -- but it's great for some of the big-ticket ones, like summoner, priest, black mage, time mage, etc. You get enough JP to buy at least one skill, but not all skills. You save, because the results can be unpredictable, and you may need to reload. You click to buy the skill, and a yes/no confirmation dialog comes up. While the dialog is up, you scroll the page up and down -- I forget which button it is that turns the up and down buttons into pageup/pagedown, but they erroneously let it still work while the confirmation dialog is up. So, you scroll down to a job that you *can't* afford and buy it. Depending on which job you can't afford that you left off on, it'll have a predictable effect for that job. There's no way to know in advance, however, what that effect will be. It may bring you to extremely negative JP, wherein when you exit and re-enter, you'll have 9999 JP to spend. It may bring you to maxint JP, where you can buy everything and still be over the top. It may increase your JP by a fixed amount or decrease it by a fixed amount. There's a bit of practice needed to figure out how to do this right because it can be hard to get just the right amount of JP to spend and to land on just the right, too expensive, entries. But once you get it, you can learn all skills in that class :) It's funny having a level 1 master Priest or whatnot. ;) Sadly, one of the jobs that this doesn't work for is the dreaded Calculator.

        2) Level up/level down super-stats. This one is more widely known. Your base stats, like speed, magic power, attack, etc go up relative to your job class when you gain a level. When you lose a level from a degenerator trap, they go down relative to your job class. So, if you go up as one class and down as another, you can get different stats. *And*, some classes give very little for gaining/losing levels, while some give a lot. So, for most males, it's best to go up as a ninja and down as a bard, and for most females, up as a ninja and down as a chemist or dancer (it's best to alternate). However, Reis and Orlandu are best to level up in their base class rather than ninja. It's a slow process to go up and down 99 levels, so you have to work for it, but ultimately, you can have god-like stats. To speed up the process, there are a number of tricks. Normally to hit a degenerator, you have to move on and off it -- i.e., two turns per level. But if you equip the person with teleport, and then try to teleport to the opposite end of the screen, the teleport fails, and you land back on the trap, every turn. To level up, bave Steal as a secondary ability. The most exp any action can give you is 99 (i.e., a level every other turn), but if you use steal exp on a high level player or monster, you can get that 99 exp plus what you steal, and gain a level every turn, all the way up to about level 70 or so.

        Tactics, of course, also had quite a few fun

    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by holmedog ( 1130941 )
      The best FF 6 (3 in US) glitch was the Vanish->Doom. Because Vanish caused all spells to hit (and all melee to miss) you could Vanish anything in the game (bosses included) and then cast Doom on it for an instant kill.
      • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

        by hansamurai ( 907719 )

        I seem to remember Vanish X-Zone to be even more reliable, though it may be the other way around.

  • This can lead to some very, very unusual bugs.

    Some amusing, others that'll kill your save game and worse.

  • Quake (Score:4, Interesting)

    by hism ( 561757 ) <hism@user[ ] ['s.s' in gap]> on Monday April 06, 2009 @12:45AM (#27472001)

    Most of these were discovered and put to normal use in the game as the community adapted:

    Rocket jump
    Wall strafing

    And if you count things with strange but intentionally designed behaviour, then telefrag.

    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      yes, these are truly awesome things, i remember when bunnyhopping in counter-strike actually worked, oh man that was great for the ramp in dust...

      and of course the original Tribes, which changed the bunnyhop into skiing, and also combined it with rocket(disc) jumping, or maybe a heavy nuke jump... :-D that was some crazy awesomeness.

      along with that i really love the quake done quick videos. []

      my favorite is still "the rabbit run" going thru easy mode in just under

    • StarCraft (Score:4, Interesting)

      by jonaskoelker ( 922170 ) <> on Monday April 06, 2009 @10:29AM (#27475665)

      You can do some interesting things in StarCraft as well.

      A well-known trick is having 11 mutalisks and some slow unit (overlord, larva) in a control group; moving them around makes the mutalisks group together in a single spot, which makes them more effective (hit-and-run attacks all target the same unit).

      I saw a video called "Pimpest plays of 200n" (n=5?), where a Terran lifts a barrack (that's placed next to a mineral patch which blocks a pathway), then lands the barrack again and while the barrack is landing, moves some marines down under the barrack. When the barrack lands, the marines try to scatter and move out from under the barracks and walk through the minerals -- and are thus able to shoot the overlord on the other side.

    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by Sigma 7 ( 266129 )

      Rocket jump

      That's intentional. One of the secrets requires you to do that (but with the grenade launcher).

      The only real issue was that most of the maps weren't designed to block rocket-jumpers - for example, you could use a Quad-damage rocket jump to reach the exit in the final map and return to the episode select map.

  • Stunts (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday April 06, 2009 @12:50AM (#27472035)

    I loved this game back in the day. Half the fun was seeing what crazy crashes you could get into that would confuse the physics engine, sometimes sending you straight up, hundreds of meters into the air.

    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by fractoid ( 1076465 )
      That game was awesome! Turned into TrackMania [], I think (or at least that's a very very similar, modernised game). I seem to recall the F1 car in Stunts had a problem where if you spun out above a certain speed it would shoot up in the air. Many good times with that game, I really should download TrackMania just to see if it's as good. :)
      • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

        by Briareos ( 21163 ) *

        That game was awesome! Turned into TrackMania [], I think (or at least that's a very very similar, modernised game).

        While TrackMania is at most a spiritual successor to Stunts everyone really should check out at least TrackMania Nations Forever [], the free version that contains just one of the seven environments of TrackMania United Forever... :)

      • i got into trackmania since it's so similar in concept to stunts ^^

        but it's a far more modern game, so it will be pretty different ^^.
        the free version (nations forever) is a lot of fun, but probably also the on with the most realistic kind of car (although still very arcade). i still prefer the environments of the original trackmania, but you'd have to buy trackmania original or trackmania united to play those, but it's worth it imo :)

  • by gcnaddict ( 841664 ) on Monday April 06, 2009 @12:51AM (#27472047)
    "turn a gameplay experience on its head (sometimes literally)"

    Goldeneye cartridge tilting [] totally counts if you're talking about literal cases.
  • F.E.A.R. Multiplayer (incl. F.E.A.R. Combat): In some maps you can glitch into the walls by running at walls corners and/or crouching. Stuck in a wall where you can't be shot, you could shoot outwards. Some thin walls you could poke your gun through and the same effect would occur. It was more a bug in the poor default maps, but the collision mapping was as vulnerable to hacks as the rest of the game.
  • A Link to the Past (Score:4, Informative)

    by cjfs ( 1253208 ) on Monday April 06, 2009 @01:01AM (#27472091) Homepage Journal

    Has some of the best glitches []. The gameplayer list definitely needs more nes/snes titles.

  • Glitch in Deus Ex (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Amarantine ( 1100187 ) on Monday April 06, 2009 @01:03AM (#27472097)
    I remember that at one point in the original Deus Ex, you could turn in a quest at a NPC, giving you xp and an item in return. When your inventory was full at the moment of talking to him however, he would ask you to clean up your inventory and come back later. The quest would still be open... but you did get the xp. So I kept trying and trying and trying to turn in the quest with a full inventory, until my xp was maxed out (I believe this was about 60% into the game).

    I wonder though, is exploiting a bug in a game in this manner concidered as cheating? I didn't hack any files, I didn't enter a cheat code, I just kept repeatedly talking to a character, who appearantly liked giving me xp for nothing.
    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by mcvos ( 645701 )

      I wonder though, is exploiting a bug in a game in this manner concidered as cheating? I didn't hack any files, I didn't enter a cheat code, I just kept repeatedly talking to a character, who appearantly liked giving me xp for nothing.

      Exploiting an obvious and avoidable bug counts as cheating in my book.

  • Minus World (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday April 06, 2009 @01:10AM (#27472119)

    My favorite glitch has always been the Minus World in Super Mario Brothers. Mostly I'm just amazed that someone actually found it. I mean you had to smash like exactly five bricks or something, and then duck and jump into the wall, where you would then be transported to a pipe that took you to an unending water-world. Truly baffling.

  • C & C glitches (Score:5, Interesting)

    by jaxtherat ( 1165473 ) on Monday April 06, 2009 @01:13AM (#27472133) Homepage

    Anyone remember these:

    - selling buildings, and then stopping the action to get free infantry

    which combined rather well with this one:

    - dragging the '$' sell cursor off the sandbags so you could sell things you normally couldn't (like infantry)

    • Re:C & C glitches (Score:4, Interesting)

      by DeathCarrot ( 1133225 ) on Monday April 06, 2009 @06:30AM (#27473805)
      In RA1, get a group of grenadiers and make them force fire at the ground in front of them. Just as they're about the throw their grenades, force fire anywhere on the map and they'll throw the grenade there, regardless of whether the target is in range or not. It's basically extremely cheap artillery with infinite range - certainly one of the most 'cheaty' glitches I've come across.
      • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

        by jaxtherat ( 1165473 )

        ROFL, that is gold! You sir, have just given me a reason to dust off my old Windows 2000 VM to try this in Red Alert :)

        Also (though this isn't really a glitch), have you ever played around with the config file? You can do all sorts of silly things, like make the grenadiers throw attack dogs instead of grenades... or have dogs fire tesla bolts (sharks with frickin' lasers etc...)

    • by Clazzy ( 958719 )

      There was one that worked in Red Alert (and probably C&C too) where if you grouped a load of slow units with a fast one (like lots of cruisers with a naval transport) then pressed the f key they'd all travel at the speed of the fast unit.

      In Tiberian Sun it was possible to keep the Firestorm wall online indefinitely by turning it on then forcing base power offline. They fixed that one in a patch though.

  • Throw a grenade and pause on the explosion animation.

    It would stay at the current stage of explosion, doing damage, until you unpaused and the timer went forward again.

  • Ultima I on the C64 (Score:5, Interesting)

    by bucketoftruth ( 583696 ) on Monday April 06, 2009 @01:16AM (#27472159)

    If you popped the disk out of the drive and walked a little way to make it access the disk to load more terrain it would instead generate miles of random tiles. Some of the tiles were endless stacks of chests. You could open those chests and get tons of gold. Works all the way up through Ultima 4. I never played any after that.

  • My favorite recent glitch was in Perfect Dark Zero for the Xbox 360: I used to get in a rocket pack, and break through the glass roof of the mall so you could land and walk on the barrier that prevents people from going too high. Used to freak people out, because you could shoot through it and the rocket pack had infinite ammo, leading to a very scared group of people on the ground below (in the city and desert maps, at least).

    I think Rare patched this up recently, but I remember having loads of fun with
  • by ajs ( 35943 ) <> on Monday April 06, 2009 @01:20AM (#27472181) Homepage Journal

    There was a bug in World of Warcraft after the Lich King release where you could end up flying across (and through) the entire would if you dueled a death knight who was on a particular boat. Here's a video of it [].

    • After extensive research on the WoW gaming community, I believe I've identified a major glitch that causes many gamers to forgo showers, lose their jobs, and leave their significant others taking desperate measures to divert their attention from the online life. The economic and reproductive ramifications are staggering. Someone really ought to do something about this bug.
      • I have not laughed that hard in a long time. It reminds me of The Onion video on the subject, and it's even sadder because I know somebody who even dropped out of college to wait on tables just to have more time to play WoW. It's really sad, actually, but you made me laugh at it.
      • Dear customer,

        This is not a bug, this is working as designed.

        Ticket closed.

    • by Cyno01 ( 573917 ) <> on Monday April 06, 2009 @01:37AM (#27472289) Homepage

      This bug was interesting because of the actual cause. The spell deathgrip functioned the same as a jump, and because of this explot, we learned that the game engine did not recalculate your postition (in the case of a jump/deathgrip) untill you land.

      I dont know if this function was known before this bug was discovered, if it was, it wasnt widely known. But ever since we're always being reminded, when moving out of 'fire', just move, dont jump, since the game wont recognize your position and youll keep taking damage untill you land.

      • I'm not sure if this still works, but I the major reason to spam jump and circle strafe while PvPing on a melee character (such as a warrior) was that the your velocity changes instantaneously when you land, causing the movement prediction code to break a little, making you appear to jump around crazily.
      • Actually, the part about jumping not recalculating your position until you landed was known to pre-WotLK raiders, for the exact reason you describe. The Death Grip bug just made it more obvious to people who hadn't quite figured out why jumping out of fire was a bad idea.

  • by qw0ntum ( 831414 ) on Monday April 06, 2009 @01:24AM (#27472215) Journal

    In the spirit of full disclosure, I didn't discover this one, and it's documented fairly well elsewhere.

    In Ocarina of Time, when you become an Adult, Zora's Domain gets turned to ice. How sad! I know. Anyway, there's a way to get underneath the ice from Lake Hylia. You have to stand directly beneath the gate that leads to the water temple in the center of the lake, against the wall to your right as you face away from the entrance. If you take off the iron boots, you'll start to float upwards, and if you time it right, you'll momentarily see through the wall. If you put your iron boots on at that moment, you'll be able to sink past that wall, underneath the lake. Woohoo.

    So, after you do that, you have to swim towards the tunnel that connects the lake to zora's domain. While it's also frozen, since you're under the lake, you can just swim beneath it and still be transported to Zora's domain. When you get there, you'll be under the ice! It's pretty cool actually. There is a hidden cavern down there that looks like it was going to be something that wasn't included in the game. You can get out of the ice through the frozen waterfall -- just walk towards it long enough and you'll get through.

    Here's a video: [] . There are actually quite a few interesting glitches in that game. Ah, Ocarina of Time, how we loved thee... Still fun ten years later.

    • by Anthony_Cargile ( 1336739 ) on Monday April 06, 2009 @01:37AM (#27472285) Homepage

      There is a hidden cavern down there that looks like it was going to be something that wasn't included in the game

      Too bad the mods won't scroll this far, but there's a whole story behind that little cavern - it was rumored to be some kind of fountain, don't quote me on this but I believe a "unicorn fountain" (no BS) that was scrapped in the end. There were found to be little traces of graphics from this fountain buried here and there within the game cartridge, but no playable version of the fountain was uncovered.

      This secret, alongside the Banjo-Kazooie Stop n' Swop [] conspiracies, are amongst the Nintendo 64's greatest mysteries. I haven't seen the cavern myself personally (yet plenty of youtube videos), but I have seen evidence of the Stop n' Swap thing, which may be related to the unicorn fountain in that extra gameplay was to be accessible via an addon hard drive to the Nintendo 64 but was never sold in the US (yet the Japanese Zelda/BK never included any of these features despite briefly selling the hard drive).

      The Banjo-Kazooie Stop n' Swap relied on early Nintendo 64 models having nvram retain data while you could swap cartridges, theoretically between Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie so as to access secrets in the sequel based on progress in the first, but the idea was never finished in the sequel to the end of the nvram feature in later N64 models. Whether or not the OOT cavern relied on the hard drive (or didn't at the last minute) remains a secret lost with time.

      • Sorry, not nvram - RAMBUS memory (you know, that shitty memory popular during the Windows ME era).

        $post =~ s/nvram/rambus/g
        • RAMBUS was only shitty (meaning expensive) on PC's. It was/is a good choice on consoles though because of the advantage it brings in bandwidth. How did that Ars technica article describe it? Ah yes:

          PC: narrow pipes, large pans (caches)
          console (meaning the Rambus equipped PS2 in this case): wide pipes, small pans

    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by hansamurai ( 907719 )

      Speaking of Zelda Ocarina of Time, what about Swordless Link (this very well may be talked about in TFA but I'm not going to click through 10 pages to find out)?

      During the game, your character Link had his sword essentially the entire game, especially as an adult. But during the final battle against Gannon (ban), he would knock your sword out of your hands to force you to use another weapon in your inventory to fight back. Now if you came prepared, you could just equip the Biggoran sword and whallop away,

  • Pokemon (Score:2, Interesting)

    They just don't make glitches like they used to in my day...

    How about an entire Glitch Pokemon? []. In orderto figth it you have to go for the training of how to catch a pokemon, fly somewhere, and then surf.

    And best of all is that it duplicates the item in your 6th slot 150 times. There is also a strange truck that you can use push on(???)

    And a very strange bug to get mew(supposed to require going to a nintendo event)

    Later games even had a very slow
  • Doom 2 (Score:5, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday April 06, 2009 @01:33AM (#27472263)

    Back in the day, I made a few custom Doom 2 maps.
    I stumbled across a bug where you could create 'one way walls'. So people on one side of the wall saw it as just a normal wall, but people on the other side could see straight through it. You couldn't walk through the walls, but you could shoot through them.
    I had a map with a secret room right next to the main playing field, seperated only by one of these one way walls. To get to the secret room you had to go to a room that had 10 teleporters. 9 of them led to a lava filled room (instant death) but one led to another room with yet another 10 teleporters just like the previous room, and so forth. In the last teleporter room, one of the teleporters led to the secret room. So esentially, you had to know the code to get into the secret room. Needless to say, I had a pretty good record playing that map.

  • Online glitches (Score:2, Interesting)

    They're the worst. Team fortress 2 and Left 4 dead are very fun games, at least the rare times people don't ruin it by using a glitch. See TFA for the example of team killing in left 4 dead through the elevator. Capture the point in TF2 also ruined many times by people going "under the map" and being unkillable.

    I really don't understand it. If you want an empty victory, there are single player games with plenty of glitches, go masturbate by yourself.

    I have little understanding of the computing/programmi

  • When I started at Accolade as a video game tester, I was put on Test Drive 4 (Playstation) for a few days until someone could train me to be a tester on Test Drive 5 (Playstation) that was under development. I managed to find all the bugs that TD4 shipped with, including a bug where an NPC vehicle had no collision when turned sideways that other vehicles could drive straight through. Impressed the lead tester I did. :P
  • This game was released with so many bugs that they ended up shipping a patch disk - before pulling it from the shelves.

    • by grantek ( 979387 )

      At least it fixed the bug in Frontier (at least on the Amiga) where hyperspace distances would overflow at 65536 light years, so you could get anywhere on a couple of tonnes of fuel (and within a couple of days) as long as you could find a star system 65536+(a very small amount) away and almost equidistant from your destination.

      That was a stupid bug that ruined the gameplay (read: I only found out about it a few years ago, years after I'd stopped playing the game)

  • by robkill ( 259732 ) on Monday April 06, 2009 @01:50AM (#27472343)

    In the old coin-op game 10-Yard Fight, there was a giant floating arrow to point to where the ball would go when kicking an extra point. If one of your blockers ran into the arrow, he was blocked just as if he'd run into an opposing player. It didn't affect gameplay, because it always happened after the kick, but it was amusing, nonetheless.

  • No GetDown []?

    It's got to be my favorite glitch-turned-meme.
  • Elite 2: Frontier (Score:4, Informative)

    by Ecuador ( 740021 ) on Monday April 06, 2009 @02:24AM (#27472517) Homepage

    I am kind of older school than most other posts I see above. Elite 2 was an amazing game, in just a 3.5" floppy you had a whole galaxy to explore. Exploring this vast galaxy was made easier by a few interesting bugs. The best one was that while you had a jump drive capable of around 10 ly jumps (it's been a while, but it was around there), the lengths were not held in a large enough variable, so if you found a target that was a bit over 655.36 * n light years away, you could jump to it! Obviously with just two jumps you could go to any star you wished! Then you had another kind of glitch where you found two planets (or was it even on the same planet, just different traders it's been a really long time...) where you could do a trade with ridiculous margins, making loads of money in a few minutes...

    • True, but what do you get out of being able to jump 65k light years when the whole "explored" galaxy with stations to dock at measures about 50 lj across?

      Not to mention, no Thargoids? This just so wasn't Elite!

      • by Briareos ( 21163 ) *

        True, but what do you get out of being able to jump 65k light years when the whole "explored" galaxy with stations to dock at measures about 50 lj across?

        Uh... jump 65k light years away then 65k light years back at a slight angle? That'll get you any distance up to 2*65k ly you want into any distance you want...

    • The other glitch in Frontier was incredibly helpful - if you loaded up with trash, and took your ship out to space, you could dump an infinite amount of trash by clicking underneath the 'dump' button for the trash. This had the side effect of never decreasing the trash stockpile, but at the same time freeing up space in your cargo hold. If you continued to do it, you could increase your cargo capacity beyond all other ships, allowing you to both take on huge amounts of cargo, and add the really massive we
  • Still the weirdest thing I've ever seen in any game [] []

    The really weird part is that there's all this code that allows bodies to melt but it never gets used in the game, possibly it's just a side effect of their physics system? idk
  • by WWWWolf ( 2428 ) <> on Monday April 06, 2009 @02:36AM (#27472581) Homepage

    Operation Flashpoint: The game allows you to save once during the mission. For some reasons I couldn't quite comprehend, very rarely, the wrecked stuff from the game before I loaded the saved game carried over to the loaded game - I suppose the game just didn't clear up some data it was supposed to clear. Anyway, there was this one mission in which you're supposed to destroy the first tank in the advancing tank column using mines and a LAW to block the road, then go kill the rest of the people or flee, failing that.

    I lay the mines on the road, then picked up the LAW and went to the roadside bushes, and saved. I destroyed the first tank, then got killed. Loaded up the saved game.

    The destroyed tank was there, blocking the road.

    And there came the Russian commander who was driving there ahead of the tank column. Finding the road blocked by the destroyed tank, he stops the car... gets out of the car... and scratches his head.

    From that point onward, I never ever doubted the ability of the AI programmers to create believable character behaviour.

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Wolves are the heraldic symbol of the city of Kvatch. I like wolves, and tried to avoid killing them in the game - yet, at one time, a wolf was following my horse. When I arrived to the camp near the city, the citizens unfortunately killed the wolf on their own. Very sad! But when I came back to the area later, I noticed that the citizens of Kvatch, bored as they were in the camp, had apparently stuffed the wolf. In other words, the corpse was in the standing position (undoubtedly the neutral position for the 3D model, and the game forgot to restore the dead posture).

    Tomb Raider: Anniversary: Not a big glitch, but amused me anyway. In the lost valley, there's one spot where you can land - barely enough leg space. Lara stuck in the leaping position and was pushed by the game upward, up, up, up, and I couldn't do anything. I opened the menu. Closed it. Then, Lara suddenly remembered a few not-so-obscure theorems by good ol' Sir Isaac. *splat*.

    Tomb Raider: Underworld: Not played this game too far yet, but the Mexico level had a really weird bug - I drove around with the motorcycle, but there was this one spot where Lara froze in air, while the motorcycle kept going and finally hit the wall. Pretty weird.

    Could probably remember more, but I need to get going.

  • UT99 - for no damned reason the engine itself would fail to work properly any longer. You'd play a game, leave, and the next time you tried to boot up, you got this insanely long error message concerning engine and renderer.

    total wipe and reinstall was the only fix, and this was after full patching to the latest supported version. It would just happen about four or five months after install.

    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      by Ash-Fox ( 726320 )

      total wipe and reinstall was the only fix, and this was after full patching to the latest supported version. It would just happen about four or five months after install

      I just removed the opengl/directx (depending on which one I was using) lines from unrealtournament.ini

      It worked fine then. The v436 patch fixed this issue.

    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by mobby_6kl ( 668092 )

      Speaking of UT99, there was a great glitch involving the impact hammer and perhaps also the RL. Mostly useful in assault maps, but also to a lesser degree in CTF and other team games, it allowed a player or two to launch their teammate a great distance, much further than the teleporter would normally allow.

      First, you could place the teleport beacon on the ground, and then use the impact hammer to launch it to the opposite side of the map. For instance, on CTF-Face you could climb to the top of your tower an

  • by Quiet_Desperation ( 858215 ) on Monday April 06, 2009 @02:47AM (#27472643)
    The entire combat system in Too Human.
  • Sim City (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday April 06, 2009 @02:53AM (#27472687)

    This is probably the very first glitch I came across. My age must have been in single digits then.

    In the original Sim City, you could set taxes to 0% for the whole year and then jack it up to 20% just before the end of the year. Not only did you get the full 20% tax rate but your citizens remained happy because of low taxes.

  • Glitches on mods (Score:5, Informative)

    by Yuioup ( 452151 ) on Monday April 06, 2009 @02:56AM (#27472697)
    I checked out the vids. A lot of those so called "glitches" are caused by mods or bugs in mods.

    The Oblivion glitches are obviously mods. The glitch in shown in GTA:SA is done while the unofficial multiplayer mod is running.

    So the argument "best game developers leave a dirty glitch" does not hold water. Actually the headline should read "best game developers let fans create hilarious video's using mod tools".

  • In Phantasy Star Online you could glitch through some of the laser grid fences that would normally need a switch. Simply go to one of the posts that is next to a wall then take out a melee weapon that you move a lot with such as the sabre or daggers and slash the crap out of the corner until you get in and do the same to get out. Of course sometimes its easier to hit the switch, especially in earlier levels when the switch is either in the same room or the next one.
  • Physics model fail: []
    Note the cars on the lake.

    • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

      by twosat ( 1414337 )
      A little bit off-topic but I remember reading a few times about a battlefield simulation program that was modified for the Australia military. The programmers were told to use kangaroos in the scenery so elected to modify the object-oriented coding for foot-soldiers. All seemed to be well until the aircraft in the simulation buzzed the kangaroos which then scattered and regrouped to fire Stinger missiles at the amazed pilots. The programmers had forgotten to remove some of the settings and code for the s
  • Article Fail? (Score:2, Insightful)

    by pinkushun ( 1467193 )
    The article led me to other articles, all of which are just as badly 'written' (read: bunch of videos).
    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      Agreed. Even worse, they couldn't even bother to make their own videos of the best and most famous glitches or whatever else, so really every article is "Best videos of game feature X that we could find on Youtube in 15 minutes and manage to spread the links over 9 pages"

  • Dwarf Fortress (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward

    Dwarf Fortress is an old-school-style 2D game in the same style as Dungeon Keeper 2 (minus the creature control features, and with 100x more content). You control a team of dwarves who have set out to build a fortress, and you must find a way to feed them and keep them safe without having any direct control of them at all. It's loaded to the brim with all kinds of crazy things happening every moment of the game, some intended and some not. Just a few examples:

    A kitten attacks a dragon, and the dragon dodges

  • I seem to find MMOs have the most "glitches" that seem to become exploits because of lazy testing.

    Case in point, LOTRO's last expansion, while good, had so many glitches you could burn through all the lvl 60 instances in a day or two without so much as a death.

    Others are terrain issues - monsters can't hit you but still attack you - or line of sight issues.

    Unfortunately they seem to have this attitude that because they made a mistake it's an exploit and you'll get banned for using it.

  • Commander Keen 6 (Score:4, Interesting)

    by jspenguin1 ( 883588 ) <> on Monday April 06, 2009 @04:16AM (#27473085) Homepage

    In Commander Keen 6: Aliens Ate My Babysitter, there is a bug where the player shots are marked as rideable (like a platform). So, you can jump up in the air, shoot down at the right point, and ride the bullet down. When the bullet hits the ground, it's removed from the game, but the pointer to the current platform (the bullet) doesn't get cleared (since real platforms never get removed), so you are left standing on a "ghost" of the bullet. If you immediately fire another bullet, it will occupy the same location in memory, so you will now be riding the new bullet. If you fire sideways, you will fall off, but if you fire upwards, you can ride all the way up to the ceiling -- in other words, an unlimited jump.

    There are several other bugs which allow you to jump through walls and floors, like in "BloogFoods, Inc."

    Also, any unused keys stay in your inventory when you exit a level.

  • This RPG by Piranha Bytes had a load of glitches, one being particularly funny. In certain areas, if you walked in certain spots, you'd be instantly transported to kilometers above ground, falling down and dying in the process.
  • by dido ( 9125 ) <> on Monday April 06, 2009 @05:37AM (#27473527)

    The fiasco that was Ultima IX: Ascension had so many bugs on its release in 1999 it's not even funny. Or is it? []. Someone actually played the game in such a twisted way taking advantage of these bugs to hilarious effect.

  • I dualbox, with one character on /follow to the other most of the time, and occasionally the second character's camera ends up upside-down. I can't click through to the article due to work restrictions, but the cryptic clue made me think of this.

  • Anyone remember the old arcade Dig Dug bug? By squashing and a sploding a bad guy simultaneously, you could make all the enemies vanish and have the level to yourself.

    Pac-Man had some crazy bugs, too, mostly involving overflows.

  • No-one is gonna read this far down, but what the hell :)

    The Return To Zork one might not be a glitch so much as just evil designers, but if you made a slight mistake on the FIRST SCREEN (cut instead of dig the plant) then you're blocked from completion of the game, but you don't find out until much (much) later!

    Dark Age of Camelot is a still-breathing MMO that got roundly whooped by WoW despite having probably the best PvP of any MMO to date. The bane of this game was the sheer number and scale of Line-Of-S

  • by bubba_the_mermaid ( 225049 ) on Monday April 06, 2009 @10:05AM (#27475369)

    If you were able to get shot by a warrior while the Sinistar was eating your last ship, you'd die twice. This would leave you with -1 lives, which the game would interpret as 255.

  • Old School Glitches (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Mr Z ( 6791 ) on Monday April 06, 2009 @10:29AM (#27475663) Homepage Journal

    Here's a couple from the Intellivision [] that my brother and I discovered:

    • In Utopia [], it's possible to sail off screen if you know how to manipulate your boat near the lower right corner. If you sail far enough south (with a few zigs and zags to dodge unseen off-screen barriers), you'll eventually sail back onscreen from the top. In this mode, you can't park your boat, but you can still fish, and you can sail on land. Not useful, but funny.
    • In Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain [], it's possible to navigate your party off the top left of the screen by pressing the "Go Northwest" button. Press it a second time and you'll come up in the middle of the map. Sometimes it'll save you time, most of the time it'll screw you.
    • In Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin [], there are minor glitches in the display update. The pictures associated with sprites don't get updated in sync with the display backdrop. It's possible to see what's lurking behind a door by placing an object on the floor, turn faced to the right of a door, and then "glance left." The object on the floor will sometimes take on the picture of what's waiting behind the door.

    Also, the Sega Genesis [] game Phantasy Star II, [] one of the best games I've ever played on the system, had a few bugs, some of them useful. My brother and I had catalogued 10 or so. Here's a couple:

    • First, a silly bug: You can press B while paused to get a slow motion mode. That's not the bug though. If you use the slow-motion mode to walk between zones with different music, when you unpause, you'll have the same music that was playing when paused, as opposed to the music you should have for that zone.
    • Use Shir to steal the Visiphone from the storage room in Paseo. Once you have the Visiphone, arrange for it to be in Ralf's pack as the first item. Now, you can press "A" repeatedly to get a quick save from just about anywhere in a dungeon. (Especially useful if you have a turbo-fire you can switch on.) Do this every few steps and you can avoid being attacked. If you do get attacked, it's easy to roll back to your last save. The bug is that accessing the menu often seems to reset the "how likely you'll have an encounter" stats, making it easy to limp out of a dungeon and back to a town when your HP's low and you don't have enough TP to warp out.
    • Perhaps the most important bug: If you press B + C together while in your backpack, it's possible to equip an item, but have the "E" denoting what item was equipped to show up on the next item in your pack. So, suppose you want to equip that Laconia Shield you just paid over 10,000 meseta for, but you really want to get your money's worth? Rearrange your pack to have a 10 MST Monomate sitting after the Laconia Shield, and press B + C to equip. If you did it right, your stats page will change to reflect the shield, but the Monomate will show as being equipped. Now you can hand the shield to another character and they can do the same, or you can sell it and get some meseta back. Just be careful to exit out of the menu system entirely between each use of this trick: If you do it too many times in a row, you can get stuck in a loop where the menu system won't let you exit out completely, and the only way out of that is to reset.
    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by BlindSpot ( 512363 )

      Since you brought up Intellivision... I remember Lock 'n' Chase (a Pac-man-like game) had a bug that would every once in a while cause one of the enemy guys to become almost as tall as the entire screen. Something to do with when they hit the edge of the screen IIRC (which I probably don't). I was like 5 years old when I had that game and that bug used to absolutely scare the shit out of me when it happened... It wasn't quite a "cry and run to mommy" scared but it was definitely an "I don't wanna play any

  • by TheHawke ( 237817 ) <rchapin.stx@rr@com> on Monday April 06, 2009 @11:30AM (#27476569)

    EA went nuts in their effort to make the physics work in the game. But all they managed to do is turn it into a stuntman's heaven. Videos abound of jeep jumps, inverse jumping (you get blown UPWARDS and land on a bridge or building above you) wing walking (I think the current record for most on a B-17 was like 25) and my favorite, plane switching in mid-air.

    One nut managed to take a panzer and make it break dance for a few minutes.

  • by weszz ( 710261 ) on Monday April 06, 2009 @04:23PM (#27480625)

    Can't believe noone mentioned this one yet...

    Chuck Norris was in a street fighter game, but no matter what button you hit, he did a roundhouse kick and killed the other guy.

    When asked about the glitch, Chuck Norris said "That's no glitch."

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