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EVE Online Developers Help Player Make Fan Movie 56

Enfors writes "CCP, developers of the sci-fi MMOG EVE Online, continue to impress with their open attitude towards players. In a thread on the EVE forums, an EVE Online player named Dire Lauthris describes difficulties he was having while making a fan movie that would illustrate a portion of EVE Online's background story. To make it 'historically correct,' he contacted CCP, the developers, to check on some facts. Instead of threatening to sue him for infringing on their intellectual property, they ended up inviting him to their offices to set him up with better movie-making software than the one he was using. Also, they had an employee record the narrator voice for his movie. The movie is now finished and available online. Massively is running a related article about storytelling in EVE."
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EVE Online Developers Help Player Make Fan Movie

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  • Can't wait until I can make a decent movie using nothing but Second Life / Eve Online characters, or even better... when someone with actual creativity can. This is my favorite machinima yet... by far. http://www.vimeo.com/609147 [vimeo.com]

    We're getting there!
  • Not bad (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Walkingshark ( 711886 ) on Monday April 06, 2009 @03:35AM (#27472911) Homepage

    Pretty cool. Someday I'd like to see an entire movie done in machinima that uses different games depending on the scenes. Something with space battles filmed in EVE, ground battles in an RTS, and then some close up action and everything else using an FPS engine (source is pretty good for machinima). Would be neat.

  • So like some people on planet A may or may not have bombed something on Planet B. People planet B build a fleet and go to kick the ass of Planet A. Planet A is caught by ?suprise? but sneaks out a remnant fleet to go kick planet B's ass? But they fail. So they crash their ship into Planet B killing millions of civilians and ?helping people back on Planet A somehow escape?"

    I don't get it. What happened in this movie? I give it a C- for clarity.

    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      You are not their intended audience. At minimum, you need to have visited CCP's website once, and preferably tried the game.

    • If you're interested in some fiction that's not quite so fanboy specific, you might want to check out http://eve.klaki.net/fiction/ [klaki.net] which is a collection of stories written by Istvaan Shogaatsu set in the Eve universe. You might remember Istvaan better as the perpetrator of the Eve Heist that was covered in PCGamer [computeran...ogames.com] as well as here on Slashdot. ( http://eve.klaki.net/heist/ [klaki.net] )

      Istvaan is also Tom Czerniawski, who has had several stories published in the Eve magazine EON. On the article linked at Massively,

    • To Summarize:
      • The Gallenteans and the Caldari are two civilizations that don't much like each other
      • Caldari extremists commit an act of terrorism that killed hundreds of thousand of Gallenteans
      • The Gallenteans declare war on the Caldari and begin bombarding their home planet
      • An admiral takes a small taskforce and launches a counter-offensive that takes the Gallente by surprise
      • Caldari are given much-needed time to evacuate their home planet as a result
      • The Admiral is eventually caught and sacrifices his flagship
  • I wonder how much help could I get to make a fan movie of "playboy, the mansion".

  • by RobotRunAmok ( 595286 ) on Monday April 06, 2009 @07:55AM (#27474193)

    It should be no mystery why CCP would help a fan who was taking the game's back story seriously. Eve's back story makes that of Magic: The Gathering look like "The Brothers Karamazov."

    Now, I'm a huge Eve fan -- huge -- but the whole set-up, like that of the great tabletop space opera game that preceded it, "Battletech," is merely a balsa wood framework designed to prop up as many reasons for different races to be at war with each other as possible. Eve is to Science Fiction what Everquest is to fantasy.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  • You might be able to make a movie but the best stories are the one that one guy thinks up and makes. Committees do not make things great. Please do not hold Linux up as an example of otherwise. Linux is a collection of successful programs, each of which is run by a benevolent dictator of some kind.

    • Indeed you never see books of fiction written by more then one author.

      • by tjstork ( 137384 )

        Or songs, or even movies have one great writer, or one great director...

        Even corporations always shine at their best when they have that one visionary founder or leader. Rockefeller drove Standard Oil.. Henry Ford drove, well, Ford, Gates drove Microsoft... and, even GM in its prime, was basically dominated by Sloan. You have to have that one person in charge, who also has a vision.

  • Let me be the first to say that I, for one, welcome our new robot hobbyist-community-collaborators.

    I hope they will be handsomely and visibly rewarded for this move---preferably with a positive dollar amount attached to the reward---such that the OMG-DOLL4RZ corporate leaders might follow their example, and in the long term change their mind about a thing or two.

    • by Etrias ( 1121031 )
      My guess is that he'll be rewarded with in-game "isk"...game money, for those not in the know. EVE is pretty cool in that community efforts are appreciated and often rewarded in game with people who have a ton of resources to splurge.
  • a 7 minute clip is now refered to as a movie

  • Look at the "Eve Never Fades" trailer (halfway down this page [eveonline.com]).

    That was made by a fan who, IIRC, was given a high-end rig to make it on, and i assume someone got the rights / permission from JunkieXL to use that song. I seem to remember the creator being someone who'd made a bunch of movies that impressed everyone, and was thusly equipped to make the trailer, but that's where my recall of the facts might get hazy.

  • Ballad of the Spreadsheet
    an eyestrain tale.

  • I applaud the Eve gang supporting its fan base.

    Unfortunately, the Eve UI remains the worst I've seen in any game made in the last 20 years. You'd have to pay me to play this thing (see Worst IT Jobs [slashdot.org]).

    Furthermore, while a back-story is nice, its rather difficult to be part of a story with ships and voice-overs. Eve still doesn't let you get out of your spaceship, still doesn't let you even see around your ship, you are your spaceship, its about the most aseptic stage to ever try to create a "story" unless yo

    • by tibman ( 623933 )

      When ambulation comes out (and it will) i hope you'll come play. But as far as story goes.. there is a LOT of meta gaming going on. Lots of forums, killboards, spies everywhere, and tons of 3rd party apps to support in-game stuff. Stories are made every day but you have to take a step back to see them.

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