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Console Port of The Witcher On Hold 23

Several sources are reporting that work on The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf, a console port of the popular PC game, has officially been suspended. CD Projekt, makers of the original game, were working with WideScreen Games on the new version. WideScreen says that CD Projekt missed a significant payment for their role in the development, leading them to stop work on the game. They are emphatic that development won't continue until CD Projekt makes good on the debt, but CD Projekt says, "All payments were done on time according to milestone plan. ... Truth is that payments were later than originally planned but this was solely due to delays in production. The delays were growing in the project due to WSG [continuing] to miss the deadlines." The game's future is uncertain.
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Console Port of The Witcher On Hold

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  • by eldavojohn ( 898314 ) * <> on Thursday April 30, 2009 @06:49AM (#27770465) Journal
    Well, if you're a fan of the original game, this news might be good. Instead of the port of a game you've already played they seem to imply they've refocused on The Witcher 2:

    According to a number of reports, a separate spinoff game in the Witcher franchise has also been canceled, although the main followup, The Witcher 2, remains on track for PC and consoles, with CD Projekt dedicating more staff to the game.

    So depending on your view of how enjoyable spin-offs and ports to consoles are to play/replay, this could be positive news. It also might be one of those rare signs that CD Projekt isn't just concerned about money money money and are willing to sack a port for fear of quality or schedule slippages. It's rare to see that, as the port is a pretty sure bet for some income on something you've already done. I also sympathize with CD Projekt as they've probably got little cash to afford a schedule slip and it's better they kill it now than later.

    • It's disappointing even to me (an owner and fan of the PC version) that others won't get to play it at this point. Remember that for some fans it's important to spread the influence of great titles as well as beg and plead on our knees for a sequel that's good. (IE: Not NFS:Carbon)
  • by plasmacutter ( 901737 ) on Thursday April 30, 2009 @07:18AM (#27770631)

    Usually when you have too much work for your workforce to accomplish in a deadline it means you need to hire more people.

    wait.. "hire" and "people" in the same sentence without "india" when talking about a tech related corporation.. does not compute.. does not *asplodes*

    • OR as I've often run into management needs to get their heads out of their asses. Clearly define what they want, and when people create something accept it as is or be very specific about the changes that need to be made.

      You don't know how many software (and other types of projects) are destroyed by management changing their minds on details and inserting demanding new "features" and functions well after the original outline was done.

      • mean Projekt creep?

        Sorry, sorry... but you did leave the door wide open...
      • by lzdt ( 1335879 )

        You don't know how many software (and other types of projects) are destroyed by management changing their minds on details and inserting demanding new "features" and functions well after the original outline was done.

        Replace management with product management and/or marketing and I will agree. The problem I see is that less competent folks from upper management have funny ideas and telling the top management how nice it would be, what all the great benefits are and how many purchase agreements they will get but without understanding what they do. Afterwards you will be informed that you have to cancel your entire project planning and implement ASAP [insert fancy feature here] no matter how tough are the time lines. You

    • This is actually the wrong line of thinking. I've been on projects that are starting to get bogged down, and nearly missing milestones, so the management just adds more people.

      Sorry, but adding more people != shortening time lines. Usually it works the opposite.

      I suspect either
      A) The milestones were improperly set -> Nearly impossible to reach
      B) Key people left the project -> Gotta pay good people the wage they deserve
  • by Shivetya ( 243324 ) on Thursday April 30, 2009 @07:51AM (#27770821) Homepage Journal []

    Just how are they going to port this without removing half of it? The game was complex already and now they want to get it onto a Console? I think porting Excel or Access would be simpler.

    Still, if you do enjoy these games and can put up with some harsh language and heavy sarcasm watching ZeroPunctuation reviews of game is sometimes more enjoyable than the game itself, (especially minute six of his halo wars review)

    • by OK PC ( 857190 )

      ZeroPunctuation is certainly enjoyable and he also manages to be incredibly insightful in comparison to the majority of video games reviewers.
      Maybe they are so insular that they completely miss glaring flaws that apply to the majority of games. Even if he is just ranting about his own personal feelings towards a game, I have a better idea of whether I want it or not based on that than a formal review. He would have saved me buying Prince of Persia if only he'd put his review up sooner.

      Regarding The Witcher

    • by elrous0 ( 869638 ) *
      The financial incentive to port to a console is very strong these days. With PC piracy and more and more people turning to consoles (it's a lot cheaper to buy a console than to try and keep a gaming PC upgraded, and times are tough), companies are basically facing two options: either you do an MMO (which is piracy resistant) or you port to consoles. And any MMO requires a HUGE investment and has to face the mighty shadow of WoW. So console ports are just irresistible to a lot of developers.
    • Just how are they going to port this without removing half of it? The game was complex already and now they want to get it onto a Console? I think porting Excel or Access would be simpler.

      Sorry, I don't see how you came to this conclusion. Surely you don't mean content, as the PC version requires 8.5 GB of HD space, which is exactly the capacity of a Dual Layer DVD. Content isn't the problem, anyway, it's getting the engine to work. They used BioWare's Aurora Engine for the PC version, which ran on Linux and has previously been modified to work on the Xbox. So it's reasonable to assume their code must be relatively platform-independent already. They're developing a new engine for use wi

  • by firejump ( 1469371 ) on Thursday April 30, 2009 @08:08AM (#27770953) interviewed Michal Kicinski (CD Projekt co-founder) regarding the issue yesterday:,95338,6556537,Ekskluzywny_wywiad_z_Michalem_Kicinskim.html [] (partial English translation is below the original version).
  • A new Witcher book just came out though. The recently translated US version was released yesterday, first written in Polish in `94.
    • Which one? I've had Blood of Elves and The Last Wish for a while and I though the next one, Times of Contempt, would only be released in Octobre?

      • Blood of Elves is what I'm referring to. The "USA" edition just came out yesterday, and I bet you got the "UK" edition. Whatever difference that makes. Maybe they censored the sex scenes or something. ;)
        • Probably, I got them via and didn't really check which edition it was =)

          Too bad... I can't wait to get the next book.

          • by thedrx ( 1139811 )
            Teehee, one of the few benefits of knowing the Polish language -- being able to read the whole septology.
  • I never finished the original game because of the amount of time I had to wait every time I went through a door. Might have been my machine, don't care. If it would have, or might still, I think I would give it a try just to see if it worked any better.

    • Maybe take a look at the performance of your hard disk; I like to upgrade mine every couple of years, and when switching from a HDD ~3 years old, to a new one (Say, Western Digital 640GB 6400AAKS) you'll notice a significant improvement in load times.

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