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StarCraft II Beta Signups Open 123

motang writes "StarCraftWire reports that Blizzard has started taking beta sign-ups for StarCraft II. Quoting: 'Interested parties must simply visit their profile page, choose to opt-in for the beta, and re-submit their current system specs by way of a small downloadable piece of software.' Blizzard's Chris Sigaty said in an interview, 'As with previous betas for our real-time strategy games, the StarCraft II beta test will be multiplayer only, and players will have access to all three races — terrans, protoss, and zerg — and all of their units. We'll include a selection of multiplayer maps, but they won't necessarily include all of the maps that will be in the final version of the game. We're making some great progress on the single-player campaign, but we don't plan to do a public beta since we want to keep the story under wraps until the game's out.'"
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StarCraft II Beta Signups Open

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  • by orclevegam ( 940336 ) on Thursday May 07, 2009 @01:30PM (#27863039) Journal
    I signed up for this yesterday but so far haven't received any notification. My guess is Blizzard will just select from the pool of everyone that applies, possibly selecting based on hardware specs for a wide variety of system configs.
    • Give them time. I'm sure they're going to pull from a large enough group to get newer and older systems as well. Various hardware and OS configurations need to be tested to be sure of getting a good cross section. If they just opened up the sign-ups, the testing will likely start sometime in the next month or so.
    • You'll notice that this is an opt-in for future game betas. It's much more likely, knowing Blizzard, that you or anyone else will not get any notification for weeks at best.

      I wouldn't worry about not getting a notice. It isn't SC2 specific. The title is misleading, but SC2 will be the next beta we see, so it "fits."

  • by GPLDAN ( 732269 ) on Thursday May 07, 2009 @01:31PM (#27863051)
    I was beginning to feel old when I used the term "Zerg Rush" to describe anything involving lots of people swarming to get at something. By younger IT colleagues would roll their eyes at the "old man" with his dated terms.

    Now there will be a new generation of geeks who will learn the power of the Zerg...
    • unless the zerg got nerfed :p

    • I once had an argument with one of my friends (big Zerg fan) that a "Zerg Rush" wasn't anything specific to the Zerg, simply the only tactic you can reasonably use with them. I resolved the argument by performing a Zealot Rush and wiping out his piddling Zerg base. Antaro Adun!
      • by redJag ( 662818 )
        Well of course Zerg Rush is specific to the Zerg.. it has the word Zerg in it! Rushing is a more general word that describes forsaking "teching" and building up an economy to get out units as fast as possible and try to catch your opponent with his pants down. The Zerg Rush is so well known because they are the fastest, but less so than in previous patches.
    • never doubt the power of korean gamer alliterative laughter either

    • by qoncept ( 599709 )
      Yeah. When I hear someone reference a video game in real life, I think "old."
    • by Reapy ( 688651 )

      I'm going to date myself more.

      Rushing... I think the term actually came back from Warcraft 2 via kali. The term first got coined on shlonglor's famous war 2 page when the medium resource 7 grunt/footman rush was introduced. It was just called "Grunt Rush", and involved building no town hall but instead making 7 grunts, then immediate proceeding to your opponent and beating them with their pants down.

      The strat worked because at the time each start spot was tied to your color, so you knew just where a person

  • Not just Starcraft 2 (Score:5, Informative)

    by FLEABttn ( 1466747 ) on Thursday May 07, 2009 @01:34PM (#27863117)
    It's worth noting that this beta signup also allows you to opt into Diablo and Warcraft universe beta testing as well.
  • by LiquidFire_HK ( 952632 ) on Thursday May 07, 2009 @01:36PM (#27863157)

    It should be noted that in order to sign up for the beta, you apparently need to have at least one Blizzard game CD-key signed up with your account. Otherwise you get this message:

    You need to have at least one Blizzard Entertainment game attached to your account in order to set up your beta profile.

    • Just merge with your WoW account... are you saying you never played World of Warcraft?!

      • I have, but it says WoW account merging is US only.

        • By "US only" they mean North America (or possibly the Americas) ... which still may or may not help you (I'm Canadian and merged my account just fine).
          • Thanks for the tip. But alas, no; I'm in Europe.

            Coming Soon!
            The World of Warcraft account merge process is not yet available in your region.

            • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

              They've stated that the beta won't start until the EU region can merge their accounts properly. It's in TFA, iirc.

          • You will also have to download and run an application on your computer.

            So no, you can't complete this beta sign up at work like I just tried to do.


            • It probably looks at your hardware configuration, since they'll want a good varied mixture of testing hardware, so it would not be a good idea to run it on your work machine anyway.

              • by pdbaby ( 609052 )
                I assume the GP is, like me, using Linux at work. I ran into the same thing. Oh well, at least they have a Mac client I can run at home :-)
            • by Niris ( 1443675 )
              There goes my signing up *grrr* One of the perils of Linux
        • by The_Myth ( 84113 )

          I am in Australia and have two WOW accounts merged into the one Battle.Net account. Along with my D1, D2 and D2:LOD keys.

          I think the US means WOW US Servers.

          • I think the US means WOW US Servers.

            It does mean that, yes. I should have been clearer in my post. (And it will be available for the other regional servers in the future as you can see in the rest of the thread)

      • Just merge with your WoW account... are you saying you never played World of Warcraft?!

        What is this...World of Warcraft...of which you speak? Is it popular? I hope it doesn't have gold farming that ruined my Legend of the Red Dragon experience. *hide*

      • by Jaysyn ( 203771 )

        Never have, but I do have a legal Warcraft II disc somewhere, did that game have a key? I can't remember.

        • Sorry, it won't work.

          The following games are supported at this time: StarCraft, StarCraft Battle Chest, StarCraft + Extension, Warcraft III, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Warcraft III + Extension, Diablo II, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, Diablo II + Extension

          And World of Warcraft, though only for American accounts for now.

    • by ukyoCE ( 106879 ) on Thursday May 07, 2009 @01:52PM (#27863475) Journal

      On the plus side, that means if you create a separate account for each cd-key (and oh boy do I have a lot of em) you increase your chances of getting into the beta.

      • Any reason you have a lot of em? And can I have some? :)

        • by ukyoCE ( 106879 )

          Heh...I really *should* give em away since I already have a beta SC2 key from Blizzcon last year :)

          Why do I have so many?
          WC2, WC2 battle chest (to get TCPIP multiplayer), WC3, Diablo2, D2 expansion, SC2, SC2 expansion. Most of those games are X2 keys because I got a copy for my wife (girlfriend at the time) to play with me a bit.

          In addition, 6 WOW accounts between us (including ~4 expansion keys). This is due to dual-boxing and Recruit-a-Friend accounts, plus a botched RAF signup that they wouldn't refund

          • Wouldn't it be better to get your wife in on the beta with you? :)

            Or are you just another typical slashdot user who claims to have a girlfriend/wife?

            • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

              by Dyinobal ( 1427207 )
              once the beta starts he'll be getting a divorce.
            • by ukyoCE ( 106879 )

              She went to Blizzcon too, but I can't pretend she's as into the nerdy games as I am. Might sell her SC2 key on ebay to buy clothes/furniture ;)

          • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

            by pdbaby ( 609052 )

            ...SC2, SC2 expansion

            Ah HA! So that's why you have so many CD Keys. You're from the future, no doubt a history student from the year 3045 coming back to play SC2 beta so you can compare and contrast it with the retail version. But I'm on to you!

      • by ukyoCE ( 106879 )

        Addendum: I'd much rather hear that they multiply beta chances by the number of games on your account, as I don't relish the idea of having 12 different accounts to keep track of.

        Especially if they complete their plans to compete with Steam and offer buddy-list/chat functionality through accounts.

      • Yeah but I'm sure that increases your odds about as much as buying 20 lotto tickets instead of 1 does.

  • This game's about 5 years too late for me to care anymore. I played the living snot out of Starcraft. Hell, the map editor was amazing. Friend and I made a damned hockey map. Now? Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3, Supreme commander Forged Alliance, those are the games. StarCraft II will sell no matter how good or bad it is, just because it's Blizzard. But same 3 races? Sorry, Bliz, but my cash will stay mine this time.

    • by Jeez01 ( 1442147 )
      IMO C&C RA3, SupCom all were disappointing none of them had the storyline that SC had which is why the game is so remembered.
      • Re:Late (Score:4, Insightful)

        by khellendros1984 ( 792761 ) on Thursday May 07, 2009 @01:49PM (#27863401) Journal
        Are you kidding? Starcraft is remembered more for its multiplayer than for its story.
        • The reason Starcraft's multiplayer is so well renoun is because of the near perfect level of balance it had. It was so near perfect in fact that a thriving competitive market(most notably in Korea) was formed as a result of it.
          • Re:Late (Score:4, Insightful)

            by VeNoM0619 ( 1058216 ) on Thursday May 07, 2009 @02:02PM (#27863709)

            The reason Starcraft's multiplayer is so well renoun is because of the near perfect level of balance it had.

            Which kept getting updated and updated and updated... every Blizzard game has "balancing fixes" with each update. Starcraft has had plenty of updates as well. Sure, it's nice they try to keep the game balanced over time, but after a while it's like "how are they changing the gameplay this time? what are they going to nerf?" Too many of one character (or too many victories from one class) to them means it's overpowered and needs adjustment, because it's not a 50/50 split.

        • by Mitreya ( 579078 )
          Are you kidding? Starcraft is remembered more for its multiplayer than for its story.

          Perhaps by you. I have played multi-player SC, but except for the fact that it was fun I can't remember anything else.
          But I'll remember the story for a long time. Heck, my laptop's name is Tassadar!

    • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

      by ouimetch ( 1433125 )
      I am personally glad that Blizzard decided to put a lot of extra time into this game. The longer the better in my opinion. Too many gaming sequels have been short changed because of a such a rush to get a product out there while the market is still hot(first one that comes to mind is Halo 2).

      Starcraft 2 is going to be an excellent sequel because of the fact that they are not rushing it.
    • by jandrese ( 485 )
      I wanted to like C&C3 and RA3, but both of them used the same network code that doesn't seem to understand how to go through my NAT box, making online play impossible. I still don't understand how a game released in 2008 can be foiled by NAT, I mean it seems like the sort of thing the developers might have considered when making the game... Their online help is a total joke too. The diagnostic tools are from Ultima Online (which uses, as best I can tell, completely different net code) and they don't
    • Forged Alliance! Woot! Nothing like that moment when your Commander goes up in a flash of white mushroom cloud!

      At least Blizzard isn't just rendering the same units in 3-D, they're coming up with some interesting looking new units. The protoss have a War of the Worlds looking Stalker unit, and the Terrans have a transforming Land/Air unit that could be alot of fun.
  • I'll definitely screw up with exams this month. Definitely. God bless Blizzard.
  • by andytrevino ( 943397 ) on Thursday May 07, 2009 @01:38PM (#27863213) Homepage
    Well, there goes the remainder of my academic career. For Aiur!!
  • Beta Codes (Score:2, Insightful)

    by AAMP31B ( 1287332 )
    If you have the cards from Blizzcon or the World Wide Invitational you can use those for this beta too. Just use mine so once invites start going out should be getting mine.
  • Wow, I think thats the fastest slashdot'ing I have ever seen...

    • I had problem getting to the site also, I had to go to "" instead of "" was kinda weird.
  • No Linux? (Score:4, Funny)

    by SEWilco ( 27983 ) on Thursday May 07, 2009 @01:51PM (#27863437) Journal
    No Linux, no interest. I won't make my machines susceptible to zerg infection in order to play.
    • Yea, Blizzard is in for a big surprise if they think they'll ever be a successful company without officially supporting linux. /eyeroll

      • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

        by AaxelB ( 1034884 )
        Well, some number of us would certainly be happier if they shipped a linux version. They've always been about making the best product they can (and making scads of money in the meanwhile, of course), and it could be worth their while, though it's hard to estimate how many linux users would buy it.

        That said, there's no point complaining, so I'm hoping to get it working in Wine, or else I'll throw a spare hard drive in my desktop and install Windows.
    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      by Yvan256 ( 722131 )

      On the other hand, I've heard they try to make their games run fine under WINE.

      • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

        This is because:
        1. Every geek in the universe plays at least one Blizzard game and Linux geeks are no exception.
        2. Blizzard games take so long to make they're technologically obsolete before they are released.
    • UNIX though (Score:1, Redundant)

      by LanMan04 ( 790429 )

      They've got UNIX covered though, that works for me. []

      "Leopard is an Open Brand UNIX 03 Registered Product, conforming to the SUSv3 and POSIX 1003.1 specifications for the C API, Shell Utilities, and Threads. Since Leopard can compile and run all your existing UNIX code, you can deploy it in environments that demand full conformance -- complete with hooks to maintain compatibility with existing software."

  • Really related one tag.
  • by linzeal ( 197905 ) on Thursday May 07, 2009 @02:17PM (#27863955) Homepage Journal
    Seriously, I am more scared of South Korea going ballistic over Starcraft 2 than North Korea having the technical aptitude to get an ICBM together.
    • I think we should just give free copies of SC 2 to every North Korean citizen along with a computer capable of running it. If it catches on like it SC 1 did in S. Korea, then the whole country would lose all ambitions outside of professional Starcraft. Give Kim Jong-Il a copy.

  • I had to close Firefox to get the systems specifications application to send the info correctly. One Firefox was closed I re-ran the app. and it worked great.
  • by Aggrajag ( 716041 ) on Thursday May 07, 2009 @02:44PM (#27864419)
    I registered my old Starcraft cd-key from 1998 for the first time and was really surprised when a) it actually worked b) I could download a whole new installer with Brood War included. I had a similar surprise when I registered my old Half-Life cd-key with Steam and got all the HL1 based games for free.
    • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

      by Jeff321 ( 695543 ) *
      Brood Wars did not have a CD Key, so congrats, you get both! It's nice that Blizzard is creating a digital library of your games and moving away from CD checks. They've patched CD checking out of (almost) all their old games.
    • Blizzard and Steam -- two companies that seem to have digital distribution understood.

      I'm looking at you, EA and, well, everything else. Get on the fucking ball.

  • More publicity = less chance of getting in... Let's try to keep this just between us, ok guys?
  • They got a version for the Mac architecture... Yet no binaries that would run on GNU/Linux, bad bad bad Blizzard! You think I am going to buy a game I can't play?
  • well im gonna sign up but is there anyone else that can't wait till it comes up... been waiting for a long time for this to comeoutt..... GO TERRANS

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