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Guitar Hero 5 To Allow Duplicate Instruments, Easy Switching 43

Activision confirmed the existence of Guitar Hero 5 last week, and now they've released details about some of the game's new features. Quoting 1Up: "... the new Party Play mode allows players to swap instruments and difficulties on the fly — even in the middle of a performance. You'll also be able to play Guitar Hero 5 with any combination of instruments, be it four drum kits, two microphones and two guitars, or any other possible configuration of four players." They also listed a few of the songs, which include "All Along the Watchtower" by Bob Dylan and "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash. Meanwhile, their music-game rival Harmonix has revealed the full set list for Rock Band Unplugged, coming out early next month for the PSP.
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Guitar Hero 5 To Allow Duplicate Instruments, Easy Switching

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  • by Kawahee ( 901497 ) on Friday May 15, 2009 @09:43PM (#27975253) Homepage Journal

    I would love to see these songs in there, not going to happen though.

    Led Zeppelin -
    Stairway to Heaven (Live from How The West Was Won)
    Achilles Last Stand (Live from Knebworth)
    Kashmir (Live from Knebworth)
    Dazed and Confused (Live from The Song Remains The Same)

    Pink Floyd -
    Comfortably Numb (Live from P*U*L*S*E)
    High Hopes (Live from P*U*L*S*E)

    Uriah Heep -
    Sunrise (Studio)
    Gypsy (Live from Future Echoes Of The Past)
    July Morning (Studio)

    • New features! "basically everything rockband had"
      • To be fair to Guitar Hero: Actually, this is some stuff that Rock Band doesn't have. I've wished before that Rock Band let you do dual vocalists.

        To be fair to Rock Band: Everything? Well for starters, since they've explicitly said you can play GHWT DLC in GH5, I'm taking that to mean you still can't export GHWT songs to GH5, like RB1 did for RB2.

    • by digitig ( 1056110 ) on Friday May 15, 2009 @11:31PM (#27975951)

      I would love to see these songs in there, not going to happen though.

      - John Cage: 4'33"
      - Lou Reed: Metal Machine Music #3
      - Napalm Death: You Suffer
      - Billie Holiday: Gloomy Sunday.

      • Will it have this piece by Derek Bailey? He's my guitar hero. []

      • True story: My computer randomly picks a song out of my music library to play as my alarm clock in the morning.

        I was late for work the day it picked John Cage's 4'33" []

        (I eventually came to hate most of my music library as a result of this mechanism, and have now relegated the script to limit its selections to a playlist of songs I don't particularly like (and don't also happen to consist only of 4 and a half minutes of silence)

      • Other options:

        - Anything by Sunn O)))) []
        - Saint of the Pit [] by Diamanda Galas
        - Any song without guitars (or traditional instruments for that matter. La lettre d'explication []by Yann Tiersen comes to mind).

        On a more serious note, I'd love to see some Math/Post-rock type stuff on Guitar Hero. Stuff by Mogwai [], Radiohead, Sigur Ros [], or 65daysofstatic [] would be fun and challenging. It'd be even cooler if you managed to work something like Fuck Buttons [] into the guitar hero controller scheme.

        (If the developers are p

        • Wow, Sigur-Ros and Fuck Buttons! What an awesome party that would be! Musical prozac gets me SO PUMPED!

    • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

      by nomessages ( 1160509 )
      I think this is honestly the first time I've seen someone else other than my friend who mentioned something off of the Division Bell. All other times I've read or heard someone talking about Pink Floyd, they only bring up the staple "Comfortably Numb" or "Hey You" from off The Wall, and DSotM in general. I've rarily come across any appreciation for their other albums, especially the Gilmour-era (Obscured by Clouds and Meddle is brilliant, but I personally hold Division Bell close). What a great way to go O
    • *too afraid to comment*

  • by Fieryphoenix ( 1161565 ) on Friday May 15, 2009 @10:50PM (#27975723)
    That's all nice and fine, but will you finally let us use our Rock Band instruments in your game, Activision?
    • Um... you can. []

      Whoever modded this insightful needs to do research, this was obviously a troll.

      • by strech ( 167037 )

        Please look at the "Wii" portion of that table. And then note the title of the GP post is "Please think of the Wiildren!"

        Incidentally, the chart is still wrong, in that you can use GH / GH:WT instruments in Rock Band. The other way around (Rock Band in GH:WT) is a no-go however.

        • by strech ( 167037 )

          you can use GH / GH:WT instruments in Rock Band.

          Well, Rock Band 2 I should have said. Rock Band 1 the chart is probably accurate; I don't have the game for Wii.

  • Is that really so different from asking someone why don't they just go out and jack cars instead of playing gta?

    I guess it is kind of since it's unreasonable to expect someone to go out and commit crimes, but playing an instrument is ok.

  • Forget endless models of guitar, drum kit, bass etc.
    Someone just make a keyboard peripheral for these music games, thats about the only thing that will get me interested...

  • Guitars are Lame! (Score:3, Interesting)

    by lewko ( 195646 ) on Saturday May 16, 2009 @05:18AM (#27977391) Homepage

    When will they support the Accordion [] for real? I'm sick of mere online versions [].

  • Wouldn't it be nice in a perfect world for the makers of Rock Band and Guitar Hero to get over their differences and make one game that would have the best Set List?; of course there would not be any competition in the Market so its doubtful that new improvements would happen to fast.
  • Or do most of the newer Guitar Hero releases basically just add features that really should've just been in a single release in the first place?

    When most companies design a game, they create a list of features and implement them into the game and release it. The Guitar Hero guys seem to make the same list, but make a whole new game for each feature.

    I love Guitar Hero, but unlike most games I wont buy every version, I bought Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band but nothing since then, it just seems to be getting a li

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