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Minecraft 1.5 "Redstone" Released 95

First time accepted submitter kdogg73 writes "Jens Bergensten and the Mojang team have released the latest version of Minecraft — version 1.5, dubbed 'Redstone.' Changes and updates include an added redstone comparator, redstone block, hoppers and droppers, light and weight sensors, Herobrine removal, and many bug fixes. Videos detailing the changes and new redstone devices already litter YouTube."
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Minecraft 1.5 "Redstone" Released

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    Funny what happen to the MOD API.

    • Funny what happen to the MOD API.


      • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

        by jythie ( 914043 )
        And lack of pressure. Forge has done such a good job and the community has gotten so comfortable with it, building an official one that is better enough to bring people over is both a tall order and a low demand.
    • Agreed. It is very frustrating running a server without a official mod API.
  • by Anonymous Coward

    Bonus points to whomever builds a Redstone rocket using this version!

  • And bugs (and fixes) (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday March 14, 2013 @04:25PM (#43175609)

    And many many bug fixes too, including one I really liked that could be used to make turbo-firing dispensers in a tiny space. I used that for potions and eggs.

    There was some interesting ones removed that I hope they actually add in as effects, such as some curious mixture of potion effects that effectively flips your screen on the horizontal. (and controls)
    That would make for a fantastic effect. That plus a double reverse potion (cure) would be pretty interesting if also combined with the beacons.
    You could create an area effect around your base that flips every other players controls and your team use the de-flip potion.
    Would be a great defensive use of Beacons, which are its main use from what I have seen on several huge faction servers.
    Another was also one that flipped on the vertical two.
    They really should heavily expand the potion system and allow for negation potions to disable potential effects getting applied to you.

    I have heard the next update is supposed to be another biomes update.
    I sure hope so, SO MANY biomes were removed in a recent update, that was annoying.
    To be honest, seed generation should be based around peaks and depths, with biomes placed around them in a normal realistic sense.
    It still annoys the hell out of me to see a snowy biome separated by a river, and then a damn desert next to it.
    Then temperature can actually be made better use of, instead of just a very simple use that it is now.
    And fix weather as well. Weather is still terrible. Weather is still global, it needs to be seed + biome based.

    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward

      And many many bug fixes too, including one I really liked that could be used to make turbo-firing dispensers in a tiny space. I used that for potions and eggs.

      Obligatory: []

  • Herobrine is a prank (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward

    They say "Removed Herobrine" in every changelog.

    • by Daetrin ( 576516 )
      They keep removing him, and yet somehow he keeps coming back. Maybe this time it will stick?

      Hey, there's something weird going on over in the other corner of my base. Probably just those damn sheep glitching through the fence again, but i better go check it out. brb...
  • I was implored to download this and play for a bit...

    Then I remembered it requires Java. So much for that... I'm too lazy to set up a VM just for that.

    • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward

      Not only that, Mincraft has terrible memory and performance issues. I'm really surprised they haven't spent some of their vast money mountain to get it a lot more efficient, even if it means replacing some of the calc intensive java stuff with something offering better throughput, like interpreted BASIC on an 8 bit micro.

    • Re:Ah yes... (Score:5, Interesting)

      by ProzacPatient ( 915544 ) on Thursday March 14, 2013 @05:08PM (#43176123)
      Maybe you'll want to look at Minetest [] instead?
      Granted it's not as polished as Minecraft yet but; it's open source, the engine is written in C++ and the gameplay logic is written in Lua.

      I plan to contribute something to the project once I find some free time on my hands.
    • Wouldn't work well in a VM anyway.

    • Re:Ah yes... (Score:5, Insightful)

      by dissy ( 172727 ) on Thursday March 14, 2013 @05:43PM (#43176529)

      Then I remembered it requires Java. So much for that... I'm too lazy to set up a VM just for that.

      You imply a VM would help.

      Save yourself the overhead, install a 64 bit JRE so there is no browser plugin, and you will be equally as safe as if running it in a VM - only getting 120 FPS instead of 1-2 :P

      If you arn't running a 64 bit machine, then
      A) wtf?!
      B) Make double/triple sure you remove the browser plugin, else you'll be in a world of hurt.

      There have been hundreds to thousands of exploits for the browser plugin these past few years, but thankfully none for the JRE in at least two years, and all those have long since been patched.

      • Also, if you're a Linux user, you can use the OpenJDK packages as well if you don't want to use anything Oracle related. Minecraft runs fine with OpenJDK on my Slackware 14 setup.
  • Still no mod API (Score:3, Informative)

    by Timendainum ( 2857681 ) on Thursday March 14, 2013 @04:58PM (#43175997)
    As a server admin, this release continues my frustration of the lack of a mod API which was promised a LONG time ago.
  • by 605dave ( 722736 ) on Thursday March 14, 2013 @06:00PM (#43176719) Homepage

    The good news is my 9 year old loves Minecraft, and I like how it encourages his creativity and isn't all about violence.

    The bad news? Its a Java app, which is the last thing I want on any of my Macs. Not to mention that adding mods is a total pain in the ass. It's like they built an app specifically to screw with parents and make their computers vulnerable. Thanks...

    • Oh how I feel this pain.
      Every time I'm asked to install a mod for my daughter I swear it will be the last time.
      But it isn't.
      The tears of your child are corrosive in nature and work their way through the thickest veneer, finding their way into your heart one way or another. So inflicted, we return again and again to that which hurts us.
      Powerless to those tears.

      • by 605dave ( 722736 )

        No kidding. And telling your kid "No, sorry it's a security risk" doesn't really help.

        • by osu-neko ( 2604 )

          No kidding. And telling your kid "No, sorry it's a security risk" doesn't really help.

          Do you tell them that if they ask you to install any other apps, or are you under the delusion that a Java app is a bigger security risk than a native app?

    • by Megane ( 129182 )

      Use a launcher. But for what it's worth, the official OS X launcher has never worked for me. So I use a shell script to run the Linux launcher. I used to have a lot of problems running Minecraft until I did this. Create a text file named "mc" with the following and do what the comments say.

      # Minecraft startup for OS X
      # download Minecraft.jar for Linux and put this in the same folder with it
      # chmod +x this script and drag it into the document side of your Dock
      cd "`dirname "$0"`"
      java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp Minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame >/dev/null 2>/dev/null &

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Is Redstone fun? Redstone always seemed very wierd in minecraft. Minecraft is all about simple things. Then you have Redstone with its wierd rules. You can't just pickup and use Redstone. Look at this stupid chart:
    It feels very tedious compared to circuits in say little big planet 2.

    • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward
      You're complaining about having to learn digital logic on /.?
    • by Teancum ( 67324 )

      Yes, you can just pickup redstone and use it for ordinary things like turning on power for a rail or ringing a doorbell. Where it gets complicated is trying to figure out digital logic based off of nor circuits.

      That silly chart is really just how to make "compact" circuits based off of that same logic. This latest update adds an additional layer of complexity as now you can send "numeric" values through redstone circuits and not just ones and zeros. The old circuits still work pretty much as they used to

    • I'm not familiar with the Little Big Planet series, but if you don't care for the complexities of Redstone circuits, might I suggest trying RedPower? It's a great little mod that I use for my item sortation, but they also have much simpler to use variants of the base Redstone circuits.

      Don't wanna fool around installing mods by hand? Try Feed The Beast (most options in their launcher have RedPower IIRC) or Technic/Tekkit (ditto).

      And remember - One More Block! ;D

  • And yet it was released with a bug of white pixels between textures in dark areas on some video cards, which their error reporting site has marked as "fixed." It also has a very sporadic framerate from the "improved" lighting engine, even though the biggest lighting glitch (the dark spots) still exists in full force. Not to mention, they buffed skeletons to be way more annoying, to the point that they shoot so fast you can't get out of the water to kill them, yet nerfed bonemeal to need multiple pieces to

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