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Grand Theft Auto V For Modern Platforms Confirmed 133

jones_supa (887896) writes 'Since the release of the extremely successful Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, rumors about PC — and later also an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 — version have been floating around. Now it's official: Grand Theft Auto V will be released on Windows PC and Xbox One, in addition to PlayStation 4, this fall, publisher Rockstar Games announced today with a trailer. A post on Rockstar Newswire tells us that the ports will offer visual and technical improvements such as "increased draw distances, finer texture details, denser traffic and enhanced resolutions." All of the new GTA Online content that has been created and released since launch will be available also on the modern platforms. The PC version will exclusively include a video editor to allow players to put together their own clips of in-game action.'
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Grand Theft Auto V For Modern Platforms Confirmed

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  • by AugstWest ( 79042 ) on Tuesday June 10, 2014 @10:13AM (#47202573)

    ...still hasn't appeared.

    Eight+ months after the game came out, there's still no new single-player content. Why? Because all of their development efforts are going into getting the game onto new consoles.

    I understand the business sense of this, but still -- this situation is the exact opposite of what they promised when they released the game. So they make some huge announcements at/before E3, and still there's no mention of it.

    A huge chunk of their customer base already has the game for earlier consoles. Why would they buy it for the new one if they've already played all the content?

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