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Sketch Quake Renderer 110

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the because-you-can dept.
icemind writes "And you thought Panoramic Quake was cool. NPRQuake is actually three renderers which make Quake levels look hand sketched, like they're blueprints or even done with brushstrokes, all in real time. Very cool, although if this interview is anything to go by it sadly isn't being updated anymore." I'm not sure if making Quake look like that Aha's Take on Me video is an idea that will make quake playable, but is really sweet.
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Sketch Quake Renderer

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Now if only someone could create an audio system that would convert normal sounds into cartoon-y ones...
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Check out [] for a sweet Quake and Quake2 level editor that supports the "sketch" feature on your own levels!
  • How about an M. C. Escher renderer?

  • I used to run that server, and had the MaxServers set at 150, so I guess it's my fault. I sent mail, and they upped the MaxServers from 150 to 256, then recompiled and upped again to 512. It should be better now, sorry bout that.
  • Actually, what I want to see is a Bubbles renderer (cute crayon drawings, like we see Bubbles from PPG draw from time to time)...


  • Oh gods, it hasn't been that long, has it? That was my favorite video for a long time. I don't remember what year it was, though. 88? Or was it even earlier? Hmmph. I was probably hacking 6502 assembly language code at the time...


  • Well, by '88 it would have been 65816... :)


  • I'm far from the world's most talented coder, but I'll probably take a look at this anyway...

    Anyway, anyone planning to drop this baby on SourceForge and port it to Linux?

  • PanQuake produces some rather Escher-like views.
  • So... I happen to be home and (for once) have access to a windows box and QT. If you haven't already re-installed windows, do it. That video is incredible, especially the "hand drawn" Q3. Damn.
  • Both sides put up a good argument on which is dead and not

    If people think your game is dead, they aren't the ones you want to play with anyway. Let 'em go play the latest and greatest eye-candy shooter, and leave Q1 and Q2 to the real fans.

    Yeah, Quake is dead. Punk is dead too, now go back to listening to your crappy top-40 "alternative" and leave us alone.
  • You wouldn't need a mod to do this. After all, you probably don't know what Noah Adams looks like. For all you know, Noah Adams looks just like one of the regular monsters.
  • Oh, has cancer been cured? That should definitly get a front page story. Wonder how they missed it.
  • Back then, MTV actually played videos. So I'm sure anyone who tuned during that era caught it.

  • by The Famous Brett Wat (12688) on Wednesday May 16, 2001 @05:50PM (#219227) Homepage Journal
    we're quaking away
    i don't know what
    i'm to say i'll say it anyway
    today's another day to find you
    shying away
    i'll be coming for your hide ok

    take on me
    take me on
    you'll be gone
    in a sec or two

    so needless to say
    you're odds and ends
    and that's me ducking away
    quickly learning that life is ok
    say after me
    it's much better to be safe than sorry

    take on me
    take me on
    you'll be gone
    in a sec or two

    oh the things that you say
    is it live or
    just to play my worries away
    you're all the things i've got to dismember
    you're shying away
    i'll be coming for you anyway

    take on me
    take me on
    you'll be gone
    in a sec or two

    (With apologies to A-Ha)
  • "Look at me, I can post pithy comments to Slashdot to show how incredibly high-brow and mature I am". How tragic that you've forgotten what it's like to have fun.
  • Alex Mohr, one of the original authors of NPRQuake, has continued to work on this idea of stylizing openGL programs since this work.

    The current incarnation has several improved renderers and works non-invasively. In Other Words, one can play Quake 3, as well as many other GL games/applications (works with A|W's Maya), with pencil sketches, blueprints, depth-cued wireframe, etc. etc.

    It's really great work, Alex presented it at the I3D conference this year. It isn't being released to the public at this point, but for more information, including pictures and a video, look here when the slashdotting dies down: []

  • A true rim-shot makes a sort of "tock" noise if the drummer holds the bass of the stick on the snare head, or a light "click" noise otherwise. Those sounds are usually used for accompaniment to quiet jazz passages, and are almost never used as accents for comedians.

    Well, I'm a drummer, and for me (and the other drummers I know) a rim-shot means hitting the rim and the head of the snare at the same time, resulting in a very loud shot-like sound. That's where the "shot" in "rim-shot" comes from :)

  • The one exception would be The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where they are actually trying to be funny, but aren't, and frequently enhance the polite, uncomfortable pity-laughter of the crowd with lots of random, tuneless chord-strumming by Keven Eubanks and a few half-hearted thumps from their percussionists.

    Thank Ghod... As a musician who has been struck down with horrible insomnia for the past month, I've been wondering how the hell that band got the job?

    Max Weinberg's group (Conan O'Brien) seems to be a notch better - a group of studio musicians who can competently play their muzac versions of themes and aren't afraid to jump on different insturments (flutes, etc). I'm no precussionist, so I can't comment on Max himself, but the group seems to be much more balanced.


  • Actually, you can. :)

    Check out the stuff I did following NPRQuake here []. This stuff allows you to stylize OpenGL programs non-invasively. At the conference, I did a live demo of a (much improved) sketchy renderer on the Q3A Demo.

    Alex Mohr
  • From []

    ... First, a "get started quick" thing. Download this into your quake directory, unzip it, and run nprquake.exe. When the game comes up, bring down the console and type: "r_load sketch" without the quotes. Also try "r_load bprint" and "r_load brush". To go back to the default, do "r_load dr_default". ...

    Alex Mohr

  • ...seems to be broken. Here is the real thing on GameSpyDaily: 1795 []

    Alex Mohr
  • by amohr (20818) on Wednesday May 16, 2001 @10:49AM (#219235) Homepage
    NPRQuake was done a year ago by Chris Herrman, Andy Gardner, Steve Dutcher, Erik Bakke, and me.

    We aren't working on it any more -- we've all pretty much moved on. Although it did lead to some research presented at I3D [] this year. You can see some of that here [].

    Sorry for it being Windows only, but since we only had like two weeks to do the project, it was pretty much just hack hack hack. And since my Linux box doesn't have a 3D accelerator...

    It wouldn't be too hard to port -- mostly just exchanging the DLL code for shared library stuff. Although the code is rather unsightly.

    There are a lot of things that could be vastly improved. Silhouette edges, for instance--even a naive method would be fast enough. Also, transforming geometry to screen space and drawing there would help various things.

    I think it would be great if someone wanted to pick it up and apply it to some real mod with a rendering style focused on that mod. For example, do a comic-book style for some comic-based mod, or a traditional toon-style for some "cartoony" mod.

    Alex Mohr
  • by dayeight (21335) on Wednesday May 16, 2001 @10:07AM (#219236) Homepage Journal
    as a cheat code. The server is down so I can't compare, but the 1996 n64 Turok game had a pen and ink mode, I believe it was one bit, this sounds greyscaled? Still pretty cool at the time. Now is there a premiere plugin that automatically Aha's things?
  • by Rombuu (22914) on Wednesday May 16, 2001 @12:14PM (#219237)
    ...of some light jazz music, followed by two soft voiced announcers saying something like "Today, on News of the World, ++31337 D00D++, in the words of Shakespeare, slipped off this mortal coil, after riding DeathUrges boomstick."

    And now, back to All Things Considered....
  • I'm assuming its a console command? If so, what is the actual command? I can't seem to find any documentation....
  • by delmoi (26744)
    Here I was renaming dlls...
  • Chibi neko da naaaa.

    Hacking 6502 assembler in '88???? A bit late weren't you?

    Hell, I was doing that 10 years prior.

    Ashitaka? No! Tonight!

  • by a.out (31606) <.ac.dleifsras. .ta. .darb.> on Wednesday May 16, 2001 @09:11AM (#219241)
    A tad sketchy!

    *rimshot* *booo*

  • I've been reading forums on gaming for a while now, one thing I hear constantly is "That game is dead." Hell I'm even seeing people say that "Quake3 is dead" and how Counter-Strike is the game that is going to replace Quake3 as a tournament game. Other people claim that games like Quake3 (Even Quake1, Doom2) are still alive and kicking. Both sides put up a good argument on which is dead and not.
    But I do agree with you, they are classic and still fun to play with.

  • by PovRayMan (31900) on Wednesday May 16, 2001 @09:02AM (#219243) Homepage
    This just shows that just because a game has two sequals to it does not mean the original is dead. Even more interesting is that The CPL [] is running an up coming tournament which includes DOOM2 and QuakeWorld as a deathmatch games.

    Certainly interesting for a couple of games most people considered dead...

  • I've been climbing these #$&%!* stairs for hours... how tall is this thing?!
  • I'm guessing he just got to the word inane in his 7th grade Word Wealth text, and has been waiting to use the new found knowledge ;-)
  • >A true rim-shot makes a sort of "tock" noise if the drummer holds the bass of the stick on the snare head, or a light "click" noise otherwise. Those sounds are usually used for accompaniment to quiet jazz passages, and are almost never used as accents for comedians.

    Actually (one more round), that (the "tock" sound) *is* what I was referring to... of course, it all depends on the comedy club you happen to frequent and the specific performers. I don't count late night TV as an accurate representation for most things, so we'll ignore ChinKilla for now.

    It is true that the art of comedic support has been much mangled and maligned by a tragic few, but isn't that always the way. True comedy seems tough to find these days, with pithy jibes and nonsensical tripe replacing thoughtful comedy... I mean, if it wasn't for Mel Brooks, we might have lost the whole genre.... hey... let go!... where are you taking me?! ahhhhhhhhhhh...
  • Actually, rimshots after small punchlines aren't all that uncommon as compared with the full treatment ("ba-doom crash" et. al). For example, in the middle of a routine, a quick "Take my wife, Please!" merits only a rimshot, thus allowing a quicker progression to the next joke, since the natural pause from the laughter might be insufficient. Just a little emphasis...

    At least, that's my story - and I'm sticking to it.
  • or a Dali maybe. Or one that makes it look like it was drawn by "Billy, age 7"... That would be sweeet....
  • If the audio was in MIDI format, you could easily do this.

    The Undergraduate Programming Lab. Cool little place where this kind of hacking goes on.

    Peace, education, prosperity, and a clean environment:
    find out how the free market does it right.
  • Authorities are baffled again as the Slashdot DDoS attack takes down 2 sites in one day. Earlier today, a site with instructions on building a CD-ROM automobile CD player, now a Quake site. What's next, goat sex?

    microsoft, it's what's for dinner

  • Cool. Bob Edwards could replace MC Overlord...
  • If you're a programmer and would be interested in an Open Source project to create an OpenGL/DirectX rendering redirector using NPR methods please drop me some email and we'll talk.
  • The video in question is available for free in streaming formats (Windows, Quick Time, and Real) at []. The site is a "free registration required" site, but I can get the 300K Windows Media version on the @Home network flawlessly. It, it *still* kicks ass one of the all-time greatest videos ever.
  • <pedanticdrummer>

    Dude, a rimshot is when you strike the rim and head of the snare drum at the same time. It's NOT the "ba-doom crash" thing that's played after a punchline.

  • School's probably out, and this story may very well have been submitted by a grad student who was looking for a quick way to stress test the server.. Then again this is pretty good advertising.. Hmm, come to think of it, maybe I should post the link to a little project OS some friends and I have been toying around with for the last few months: PorthOS!.. Nah, you guys just aren't ready for this quite yet..

  • An acquaintance of mine some years ago in Japan showed me a printout from a system he made to
    produce seemingly hand-drawn mechanical drawings
    based automatically in postscript. I remember
    seeing a printout from the system in which a
    bicycle wheel was done in crosshatching and shadowed.
  • by mattr (78516)
    Would be nice to get rid of my heavy-feeling
    widgets and gain a feeling of space with a sketchy
    desktop! Maybe be not so far fetched if using Berlin or the like??

    Might be nice to show projected on the wall, or on an easel.. no, the pun's not funny but it might look quite nice all the same.
  • Im waiting for the Tomb Raider mod where i can be Terry Gross.

    Let me out for some fresh air...

  • Shouldn't that be "Quake on me?"
  • The video on this site is really something. 27mb QuickTime. The pencil sketch renderings of quake 3 are amazing. I may have to install Windows again just to see this in action. Ack! mg/ []

  • Only for Windows. Porters can grab the win32 source and try their luck and hope it isn't win32'd to death, but pfeh. WantIt.html []

  • sketch render []

    blueprint render. []

    all MUCH BETTER then the ASCII renderer []
  • Right someone get on with it and port this to Psion! Pocket Sketch Quake :-)))
  • Applause to the slashdot readers this time. Only a couple of comments saying "there is no use", "what is it good for" and all that shit.

    Who cares if it's playable, this is prime time research. Awfully cool, very geeky and hopefully some part of it is usefull in a real world situation sometime in the future. Great job!

  • by thermostat42 (112272) on Wednesday May 16, 2001 @09:13AM (#219266) Homepage
    I always wanted to frag Click and Clack.
  • Here's [] what Noah Adams looks like.
  • Actucally it is in beta... I could post a link to a screen shot, but would just get modded down as another goatcx troll... :)

  • *cough*cough* [setting bong down]... oh hello freinds I see your a little early for our program... well let's get go right into it as there is alot I want to show you today... today we will be painting a quake scence.

    Today we are going to kill this happy little monster. *Bang* *Bang*... just tap a little blood in here, Ohh that is mess and just a little more blood splatter here on this happy little tree. The kids sure like that blood, let's just splat a little more here, it doesn't matter where as long as your having fun and voliently killing your enemies, that is what it is important. One way to splatter blood is drip it in red paint like so and flick it "whoossh" see what... quite fun and relaxing.

    Plomp some brain fragements here on this happy little corpse, whatever you want this is your world. I like to use a number 2 brush for brain fragements, it gives a more meaty texture to it.

    Let's give this happy little clouds a happy little shade of happy black, after all going insane killing all your freinds doesn't mean the clouds aren't on your side. A big fluffy happy dark cloud.

    We will be back after this commerical break on how to create a scence of tored up kitten, quite fun intended.

  • I would think it would be like Quake, only with drab commentary and stuffy classical music. Oh, and publicly funded.

    Don't forget about the pledge breaks between each level...

    "We'd like to load the next level, but we can't, until we reach our goal for this hour..."

  • That reply was offtopic? Its the only of Edward Gorie's Tinies that would fit with Quake. And it was in reply to someone suggesting an Edward Gorey renderer, who posted links to Gorey images. I suppose if the mods don't know it, it's Offtopic.
  • Has anyone actually gotten this to work? ... and if so would you be so kind as to post some alternate screen captures?
  • by nice (144965)
    Who said they were dead?

    They're just antiques.

  • Using normal lighting calculations and threshholding the results is a good technique. (emulates what the artist would be trying to do anyway) but I think there is an easier method.

    An old trick to simulate smooth phong-like shading is to use environment mapping on an object. If your env. texture looks like a smooth material like plastic or metal you can get very nice shading effects. Try using a source texture that looks like a toon-shaded sphere.

    The main drawback is that you require more texture memory and moving your lightsources is just about impossible, but the code to render this way is extremely easy!

    (for those that don't know you can env map by rotating vertex normals by your object->screen space rotation matrix (no perspective or tranlsation!) and throw away the z of the resulting normal. the x and y of the normal make instant UV texture coordinates.

    Happy rendering :)

  • If I had mod points, I would mod you up simply because of the fact that you used "Aha" as a verb. []
  • 3d Stickman Death Theatre!
    -- Judas96
    "...don't take a nerf bat to a knife fight." - Joe Rogan, said on News Radio
  • by tralfamador (159554) on Wednesday May 16, 2001 @09:30AM (#219277)
    it's already been done.
    check out Pencil Whipped []
  • Actually, the one-punch sound you usually hear is the sound of the bass and snare drums being hit simultaniously. (or the snare as a grace-note lead into the bass: "ch-boom")

    A true rim-shot makes a sort of "tock" noise if the drummer holds the bass of the stick on the snare head, or a light "click" noise otherwise. Those sounds are usually used for accompaniment to quiet jazz passages, and are almost never used as accents for comedians.

    The problem is one of conflicting jargon:

    To a drummer, "rim-shot" means "hit the rim with your stick".

    To a commedian, "rim-shot" means "play a 1-4 stroke fill to accent the punch line of a joke." (Although the preferred term for this in some circles is a "zinger").

    In a gay bar, "rim-shot" probably means something too gross to even discuss. (As would "zinger", one would imagine.)

    However, the practice of supporting a comedian with drumming has become so richly associated with bad comedians, that these days they are usually only used to accent intentionally bad jokes, as a cue to the audience that the joke was meant to be as terrible as it was.

    The one exception would be The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where they are actually trying to be funny, but aren't, and frequently enhance the polite, uncomfortable pity-laughter of the crowd with lots of random, tuneless chord-strumming by Keven Eubanks and a few half-hearted thumps from their percussionists.

  • Max Weinberg's group on Conan is probably the best of the late-night bands. Weinberg himself is Springstein's drummer from the "E Street Band", and his "7" is a crew of studio rats who really know how to play jump-swing. I wouldn't call it "Muzak" though. They generally don't cover vocal melodies on their instruments, and tend to mostly play famous R&B instrumental hooks. (It's kind of fun to play "name that tune" when hearing them. They do a lot of Otis Redding, Wilson Picket, and other great stuff from the 50's and 60's... pretty much anything with a horn section part.) Once in a while, they throw in a Bruce cover, more as an inside joke than anything else.

    Letterman's band sounded better on TV when it was a 4-piece group (known as "The World's Most Dangerous Band"). The huge "CBS Orchestra" that they have now sounds kind of muddy and uninteresting.

    As for Leno's group... when his show started, it was Branford Marsallis and a collection of pretty good jazzers sitting in with him. Now that Branford is gone, a couple of those good players, like the bass player (IIRC), are still sticking around (hey, it's a steady gig), but I'm sure they are painfully aware of how much the stuff they play now really sucks.

  • How hard can it be to port it to current quake games on Linux (SdlQuake and Quakeforge) ?

    btw, I am collecting quake stuff, if you have anything about quake that works on quake let me know and I will pack it [mailto].
  • by Gingko (195226) on Wednesday May 16, 2001 @09:52AM (#219281)
    Non Photorealistic Rendering is very cool indeed.

    Nvidia's website [] has some demos on how to do sketch rendering on their hardware. Intel [] have done some pretty cool research on sketch rendering and cartoon rendering.

    This page [] has a lot of good links. Check any recent Siggraph set of proceedings as well.

    Most current techniques seem to involve "thresholding" the Lambertian diffuse lighting equation, so banding the colours used, or using that as in index into a 1d texture map which contains the different shades used for a model.

    Hmm. Check the websites above for a better explanation than that :)


  • Just out of curiosity, how many slashdotters know what this sentence is in reference to: like that Aha's Take on Me video...

    I was just wondering - I would bet 5%. A weird metaphor to use.

  • It's coming.

    I'm sure the mod is being coded by the troll hordes as we speak.
  • I wonder how the Univeristy of Wisconsin's CS department is going to feel about their server getting slashdotted.
  • or is it just my crappy ISP (chello, the Netherlands)?
  • I would just rather see a cure to cancer, or the advancements of nanotechnology on here rather than some stupid mod of a game.

  • Right on, I got sick of playing Quake years ago but I might fire it up again to take a look at these mods.
  • Actually, I already did. []

    But as it is, we have already paid you far too much attention.

    Good day.

  • by tenzig_112 (213387) on Wednesday May 16, 2001 @09:08AM (#219289) Homepage
    That's right, NPR-Quake allows you to interact as any of your favorite National Public Radio personalities.

    You can choose the stealthy quickness of a Mara Liasson or the heavy-weapon "bad-assedness" of Karl Cassel.

    And, yes, the NPR vs. PRI team fortress mod rocks! []

  • No, games should be fun. That is it.
  • There are, of course, those who believe that the sign of a mature technology is the emergence of the belief that aesthetics are as important as "what it can do". I take it you're not one of these.
  • and how many would say, "Wait a second... I thought that was a Reel Big Fish song?"
  • Apparently, that game just uses hand-sketched textures. It doesn't actually alter any of the map's geometry. Just my $0.02.
  • Along a similar line, you might want to take a look at Takeo Igarashi's 'Teddy' applet [], a real-time cartoon-rendered modeling utility. It's still a research prototype, but it has a lot of potential!

    P.S. Sorry about the atrocious spelling of my last post... Too much coffee!
  • True dat, indeed! Thanks for the correction!
  • by breon.halling (235909) on Wednesday May 16, 2001 @09:49AM (#219296)
    If anyone is interested in non-photorealistic-rendering techniques, check out these link: R/realtimeNRR.html []

    and []

  • by megadodo (236208) on Wednesday May 16, 2001 @08:57AM (#219297) Homepage
    can they do a version that renders quake in crayon for all the people who I know who play it a lot an run around whining "quad ho!", "lpb", etc....


  • But the Jazz stuff would be way cool. A Shambler with a saxaphone would be sweeeet.
  • Kinda reminds me of that ASCII filter I heard about a while back.

    You can find it here []. I've tried it and it worked pretty well, but even on a dual PIII-500 it crawled on any resolution I tried to set it to that gave me enough detail to play. I'm not sure why. It probably has something to do with the fact that it doesn't write directly to the hardware, but it uses a terminal device.

    I tried it first, to see how it looked (not like real ASCII art, since it converts colors to characters using aalib), and second, because I thought it would be extremely cool to play Quake through a telnet session...
  • I'm very happy someone has abstracted this part of Quake out (sure, a year later, but still good work). I can just imagine now a new series of Quake releases. A Matrix Quake ala Neos view of the world at the end of the movie (although unless you're a genius, the numbers just won't make much sense) and others spring to mind.

    Now if id would just release the quake 2 source we could get moving with the new versions of it!


  • by sachachua (246293) <> on Wednesday May 16, 2001 @09:06AM (#219302) Homepage Journal
    Nifty eyecandy, but hey - if you get nailed because you didn't see the dark-gray enemy against, say, a charcoal background...

    Kinda reminds me of that ASCII filter I heard about a while back. Never got to see it in action, but I find it amusing that people buy 3D graphics cards to make the rendering really scream, then... convert it to something that really looks 2D. (Clever hacking, though!)

    Hmm.. at least with this, people can get away with playing Quake on a schoolnight! Pop in a Dali or Picasso plugin, pretend it's Monet, or maybe one of the modern action-painters (all that blood spattering all over the place remind you of something?), and you can pass it off as... art research! Yeaah!

    Parents might even think you're voluntarily picking up a little culture...

  • Im waiting for the Tomb Raider mod where i can be Terry Gross.
  • You could at least make it into a link []. ;-)
  • Your groans are payment enough :)

  • And at the risk of grinding my universitys server into the ground ;-) here's a link to a complete mirror (except the .zip's, don't want to be a complete jackass)... mirror at Aarhus Uni (denmark) []
  • by Strom Thurmond (R-SC (310866) on Wednesday May 16, 2001 @08:59AM (#219310) Homepage Journal
    I would think it would be like Quake, only with drab commentary and stuffy classical music. Oh, and publicly funded.
    Strom Thurmond; the dean of the US Senate...
  • Maybe you were kidding, but it actually might be possible (though not on a Psion). Either way, Pocket Quake [] will do for now. Anyway, this mod seems to put a hefty surplus burden on my processor as it is. I wouldn't want to try it on a handheld. My Casio EM-500 Pocket PC, at 200MHz, (overclocked) can just barely handle Pocket Quake, itself, at a reasonable framerate.

    With all the insane things that are currently running on my EM-500 as it is (e.g., Pocket Hexen [] and Pocket Doom []) that I'll believe anything is possible on those plucky little PPCs (yes, it's a microsoft OS, but their pocket gaming API has turned out pretty well and they're exponentially faster than the new Palms, so I'm willing to forgive them).

  • and it's already slashdotted here is the google cache: %2Bwww.cs.wisc.%2Bedu/graphics/Gallery/NPRQuake%22 &hl=en this style of artwork is cool.. like being in parts of Heavy Metal..
  • by infinite9 (319274) on Wednesday May 16, 2001 @09:02AM (#219313)

    I'm not sure if making Quake look like that Aha's Take on Me video is an idea that will make quake playable...

    Hey, now there's a mod idea! Of course, you'll have to create that pipe-wrench weapon the motorcycle dude tried to use on the lead singer.

    Quakedude was fragged by Meat-Beater's pipe wrench

  • by cosmo7 (325616) on Wednesday May 16, 2001 @12:27PM (#219315) Homepage
    if quake is all cartoony then when you shoot something it will just have a black face or have a bandage appear on it. and it will be all better in like ten seconds later as though nothing had happened. and all the guns will be frying pans and cannons and 100 ton weights.

    this would make quake really difficult so i vote against it.
  • Couldn't find comments about this, so: the June 2001 issue of GameDeveloper has an article about just this; alternative rendering styles. One of the things mentioned in the article is just this, the sketch Quake. Interesting reading. Can't see it on Gamasutra, maybe it will appear there later.

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