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Quake 4 to Launch at Christmas 63

Posted by Zonk
from the demons-in-wrapping-paper dept.
An anonymous reader writes " has the news that the eagerly awaited next installment to the Quake series, Quake 4, is on course to be released in time for Christmas. PCGamer grabbed the chance to have an exclusive play through of the upcoming title in the June issue of the magazine." Trailer also downloadable from 3D Gamers. (Scroll down for the non-reg links.)
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Quake 4 to Launch at Christmas

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  • "The title is shaping up to be an absolute stonker according to PCGamer."

    Is that like a stinker with an "o" it? like it stinks but the graphicss make you go "oh" i.e. "stonker"?


  • by Leroy_Brown242 (683141) on Monday May 16, 2005 @02:10PM (#12545495) Homepage Journal
    So, following along with game industry standard, it'll actually be released some time in 2007?

  • Am I the only one failing to see what Quake 4 is going to offer that Doom 3 hasn't already? Same graphics? Yep. Same gameplay? Yep. Similar Multiplayer? Yep.... These guys should have just focused on making mods and expansions rather than trying to brand this as a seperate game. I figure after the onslaught of FPS we saw last year maybe they'd give us a break for a year or two... :P
    • Light! (Score:5, Funny)

      by Chyeld (713439) <> on Monday May 16, 2005 @02:22PM (#12545620)
      Quake 4 will inovate the FPS genre with the built-in addition of having enough light to actually see! No longer will you be forced to install a Duct-Tape mod to be able to use a flashlight!
      • well, Doom3 does have a flashlight... ;-)
    • Doom 3 was mostly confined to small spaces and corridors. If you watched the fucking trailer you would see a lot of the fight scenes take place outside. Bigger monsters, bigger areas.
    • It's amazing more people don't realize the stagnancy of the first person shooter genre. Or maybe more people DO realize it, which begs the question: why do these sell like crazy?
      • After HL2 and Doom3 at $59.99 struggled to work on most people's video cards and top-of-the-line PCs. I would think consumers have had it.

        Anyways, we just need a game with lots of guns. Not 10, not 15. We need about 200. Rainbow 6 Ravenshield still have the largest selection around.

        • One would think people have had it. The market is nearly as saturated as that of the real-time strategy from a few years back, probably moreso when one considers how many first person shooters there are in total, much less how many World War II ones there are. I'm pretty sure the bubble will burst, I'm just surprised it hasn't already. :)

          And yeah, other than Rainbow 6, the only fps with as much flexibility for armaments would be Counter-strike (mostly because there's so many loadout combos it's sick).

        • The fact that HL2 and Doom3 sold so well, regardless of the high system requirements and bugs, tells me that consumers will do anything to play these games.

          I completely upgraded my system to play HL2 so the gaming companies are not the only ones benefiting from this.
        • Struggling to work on top-of-the-line PCs? Not quite - I was able to get Doom 3 to run at 1600x1200 full detail around 50fps with antialiasing on. I'd hardly call that a struggle. In fact, I haven't run across very many people at all that couldn't get it running well if they turned down the detail to a reasonable level.
        • UT:U4E. Best weapon inventory ever, and not "we have 80 different assault rifles" - it was an assload of actually different weapons, from the bland (M-16) to the bizarre (Atomic Robot Baby Doll).
        • After HL2 and Doom3 at $59.99 struggled to work on most people's video cards and top-of-the-line PCs. I would think consumers have had it.

          you must be refering to what was top of the line about 3-5 years ago, as a lot of people seem to not grasp the fact that technolagy time goes a lot faster than real time. HL2 runs pretty good on my compy (2 ghz P4, OCed to 2.66, 512 DDR, GF4 ti4200 video). the load times are forever, but they have been on every system i've seen running it.
      • FPS's are the very definition of attempting to bring reality (or whatever fantasty derived version you prefer) to your games. Advancement in this genre may sometimes be stalled by blocks in hardware development, but it will never be finished till we reach the plateau where you can't tell the difference between the game and life without the game telling you.

        Yes, things have slowed down, they have in the past. They will periodicly in the future.

        That's the nature of the game. Someone comes up with a cool ide
      • You do realize that chess is several centuries old and still hasn't seen an expansion pack or a new version of it? So why people keep on playing chess? How about because it's a fun game? Same can be told about FPSes, 3rd person shooters, sports games, etc. These are not as deep as chess, obviously, but they're still fun.
    • Raven has already said the single player will be based off of Quake2 and the multiplayer more like Quake3. This is perfect imho. Just because you see a couple screenshots that make it look like Doom3, which is a huge surprise of course since they use the same damn engine, doesn't mean gameplay will be the same.
  • by DreadPiratePizz (803402) on Monday May 16, 2005 @02:23PM (#12545631)
    The movie wasn't exactly worth the download. It's too short, doesn't show much in terms of real gameplay, has no titles, and abruptly ends. Dial up users may want to skip this one.
    • Not only that, what's there to see isn't that impressive either (and this is from a hardcore Quake 4 fan). The models look bland and you can tell it's still work in progress. The screenshots floating arround the net were much better.

      Still, interesting. I can't wait for Christmas.
    • "It's too short, doesn't show much in terms of real gameplay, has no titles, and abruptly ends."

      No titties? Fuck this, th- oh... titles.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    My god, does every freaking game have to have metal walls and red lights.. I mean its the future, would they just have some sort of nightvision , and wouldnt walls be made of something else besides aircraft grade aluminum...
    • Apparently in the future rocket launchers, "gravity guns" and experimental laser weapons will be ineffective against wooden walls, piles of rocks and souped up hummers. In addition, a mute lab assistant with no military training and armed with only a crowbar will magicly turn into a super puzzle solving hero who will save humanity from an interdimensional invading army after arming himself with pistols, SMGs, shotguns, machine guns, a laser rifle, rocket launchers, laser trip mines and alien weaponry. Oh an
  • by robbway (200983) on Monday May 16, 2005 @03:12PM (#12546207) Journal
    The comments on "yet another FPS" kind of echo my sentiments. However, not everyone is tired of FPS. Also, think of the consequences if all FPS ceased production. Everyone would start to want a FPS and badly. I say let them perfect the genre.
    • They did. Unreal Tournament GOTY Edition, ~$4.95 at your local retailer.
    • I'll echo your comment. Do let them perfect the genre.

      However, there's one facet of FPS games that has been sorely neglected recently. Co-op multiplayer.
      Duke 3d, Unreal, and more recently Serious Sam all did well with this, and for me it was the most enjoyable aspect of those games.

      I certainly hope Q4 bucks the trend and includes this kind of multiplay.
      • Halo II's co-op was freaking perfect. All co-op devs need to learn it's lessons. No losing your teammates (you spawn up to the next checkpoint when the other player reaches it), no quicksave confusion (respawn at last checkpoint), no fighting over health (just sit still, your shields return). Just room after room of carnage. It was perfect. Halo II had its flaws, but for co-op gameplay it perfected the concept.
        • alien vs predator on the PC was the ultimate co-op for me. you have to hack it, so its not perfect, but its SO MUCH FUN creeping around these dark scary maps as a group of marines, and then all the aliens and the screaming and the dying.

          we used to play that and serious sam in my corridor at uni, CAT5 running all over the walls, until the early hours. its such a tense game, you used to have to stop playing because you simply couldnt cope anymore. good days.

  • Doom3 patched to allow more than 4(!) people in a multiplayer game...
  • Quake 3 Source (Score:4, Interesting)

    by r_benchley (658776) on Monday May 16, 2005 @03:21PM (#12546320)
    Hopefully this means that we'll be seing the release of the Quake 3 source code soon.
  • Quake3 was right on (Score:4, Informative)

    by Iamthefallen (523816) * <Gmail name: Iamthefallen> on Monday May 16, 2005 @03:36PM (#12546473) Homepage Journal

    After they got through with all the patches and updates, Quake3 along with OSP came pretty close to being the perfect deathmatch FPS. It didn't make it easy on the newbies, it didn't have a ton of eye candy, it had its share of bugs and glitches. But when it came to measuring skill vs skill, few games compare.

    I was hoping that we'd see Quake4 integrate OSP and its competition oriented features, but it doesn't look like that'll happen.

    • MOD PARENT UP (Score:1, Insightful)

      by Anonymous Coward
      q3 == best multiplayer fps ever
    • Hmmm, then why did people claim Quake and/or Quake2 had been the perfect deathmatch FPS when Q3 came out?

      It just depends on what you grow up with.

      Ehm, deathmatch Pong rulez :)
    • Although Quake3 was a fun game, IMHO, Quake2 was more enjoyable. I think the BFG10k was a bit much in Quake3. Rapid fire plasma blobs firing at your opponents... I feel Quake2 took more skill. It did have a BFG gun, but it certainly wasn't rapid-fire. The game seemed to concentrate more on the mission than on just bouncing around killing as many enemies as possible. But maybe that's what Quake3 was meant for.
  • Here's hoping that raven software gets Quake 4 done so they can get to work on Soldier of Fortune 3. I can only imagine what they could do with per-pixel hit detection and their damage model.
  • Are they including the grappling hook again? I loved that mod for quake 1. Better yet just remake quake 1.
    • I could not agree more with remaking Quake 1 and/or making a sequal to that game. I thought that maybe they might want to restart the frachise from there being that it's what started the whole love of quake, and that it had more players multiplayer wise and mod wise than the rest of the series.
      I loved it, and still wish I could play Quake TF again. -I would give my left testicle.
      • There are still Quake TF servers out there, albeit they are very few so your ping times can suffer greatly. They are also filled with cheaters. But other than that it is nice to see the spy in his tux and wielding an axe...
  • So Q4 in Q4. Cool.
  • My only hope for this game is that they don't have me drive in a buggy like HL2 did.
    It's okay to do a 2 minute drive to get somewhere quickly, but please don't make it last half the game.

There is hardly a thing in the world that some man can not make a little worse and sell a little cheaper.