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What MUDs Do You Play? 119

RotW Inc asks: "Well now that we've asked the question about what free clients to find for 'mudding', lets start asking the readers which MUDs they prefer? I've been playing Arcane Nites for many years, and recently they've gone under an entire coding change (exp per hit, spheres that contain skills anyone can practice, a hiding/sight % system, ranged fighting, and that's just a taste) and I'd like to compare that to the favorites of others out there."
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What MUDs Do You Play?

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  • well.... (Score:5, Funny)

    by revmoo ( 652952 ) <slashdot@m[ ].ws ['eep' in gap]> on Monday September 29, 2003 @07:38PM (#7089935) Homepage Journal
    I'm offline a lot of the time so I'll just fire up notepad and play single player...
    • I'm offline a lot of the time so I'll just fire up notepad and play single player...

      notepad?! so you're a windows user, which means you probably wern't joking. were you?
  • by Anonymous Coward
    After mudding for 8 years (8 years!? where did my life go?) I finally ended up on The Realms of Myrradel []. Not the largest pbase, but definitely the most fun I've had on a mud. If you're not into pkilling, don't even bother... because this is a pkill mud with a heavy emphasis on clan factions (btw, choose your clan wisely... heh). 4000
    • I've only been mudding for 6 years, but I think that the MUD i've coded for, and worked on for about 5 of those years is optretty good. It's here. [] If you want to view our Website. [] It's not an easy mud, mind you. It's a difficult one, but we've got some nice features like automated quests and an arena that you can change just abnout everything about you to fight in. IE You can change class and such, and you return to normal state when yer done. I made the arena so I'm partial to it :).
  • Genocide (Score:4, Informative)

    by XO ( 250276 ) <{blade.eric} {at} {}> on Monday September 29, 2003 @07:46PM (#7090013) Homepage Journal
    All player killing, all the time.

    Genocide. Find it here. [] (telnet 2222)

    There are no other MUDs.

    • Bleh, for a second I thought it was the original Genocide you were talking about. Gave me a huge fit of nostalgia.
      • Re:Genocide (Score:3, Informative)

        by XO ( 250276 )
        What do you mean "original" Genocide? It's the same Genocide that was at .. of course, it's gone through a LOT of changes in the last 12 or so years that it's been around...

        • I forgot the address, but it was the man v. machine v. vampire one. With Brigade being a clan.

          I think Puppykill was involved in it too, as a coder.

          A couple of my freinds ripped the code, which probably was the best ROM codebase ever modified, and started a new MUD called neoGeno. Which eventually died do to server problems.
  • Dark Castle (Score:3, Informative)

    by IpsissimusMarr ( 672940 ) * on Monday September 29, 2003 @07:46PM (#7090014) Journal
    Best mud I've ever played. Gratuetous sex jokes, overpowered munchkins oppressing weak newbies, clan wars every day. Ardent violence, destruction, and power-hungry leveling. It don't get any better.

    It is in the state of being rewritten. Check it out : Dark Castle []
    • Re:Dark Castle (Score:1, Interesting)

      by Anonymous Coward
      Actually... most of us left Dark Castle and either play Myrradel or Nodeka these days.
  • LambdaMOO (Score:2, Informative)

    i haven't "played" it in years actually, but its quite the interesting online society. MOO stands for MUD Object Oriented. Anyone can apply for a 'programmers bit' which means you can program and create your own objects, features, etc... of course some things are limited (you cant disconnect players, you can only move players that have that option turned on). there is also special areas made for MUD combat programmed by regular players. having said all that, i'm sure lambda is mostly dead now with MMORPGs s
  • Can anyone suggest a non-dnd style mud... I'm thinking something along the lines of Fallout by Interplay.

    I just can't get into fantasy style MUDs... too much heresoothing for my taste :P
    • Re:Non-DnD MUDs (Score:3, Informative)

      Try Shadowrun MUSH []. It's based on the Shadowrun RPG which is set in the near future and is a combination of high-tech and magic themes. I played there until around 1997 when I realized I was wasting my life on MUSH's. :-)

    • I like to play nuclearwar.
      It has a post nuclear holocaust theme
      which I enjoy.

      It;s address is:
    • Re:Non-DnD MUDs (Score:1, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward
      I used to think the same way, still do infact. so i started playing Star Wars MUD after a friend showed me around. not all that active myself anymore but its a nice place with friendly people. Not all that advanced in terms of wierd functions, limb action or anything but its surprisingly fun to play.

      try it out if you feel like it -
    • Kobra [] is a Star Wars-themed one.
    • Re:Non-DnD MUDs (Score:3, Informative)

      by Kingfox ( 149377 ) *
      For post-apocalyptic action, I recommend Cybersphere []. It's been around since 1993/1994, and growing ever since.

      It's not straight Fallout post-apocalyptic, it's a mix between that and cyberpunk. So on top of the wastelands and mutants, you've got megacorporations, implants, and the matrix. Fully coded matrix, great implant and drug system, vehicles, multiple towns, completely custom code base developed from the old Lambda core back in 93. Dedicated playerbase.

      Only downsides? Rough learning curve, and
  • Ishar (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Illusion ( 1309 )
    Ishar [] is a Diku-style hack'n'slash, but with an all-original code and world that has been around since 1994. As I've been involved with running Ishar for a long time, I can't compare it terribly objectively to other muds, but players tend to report that after playing Ishar, almost everything else on the 'net feels very cheesy and like carbon-copies of each other.

    Most of our recent changes have been fairly subtle, like tickless healing, a more free-form combat system, and the introduction of Shadowrun-styl

  • MUDs, ouch, Abysmal Realms ( sucked away my college years, and 2 on each end (6 total). I've not touched a MUD since then, and I never want to...the worst part of it all, was in IMs typing "say" in front of everything, or sometimes, actually _talking_, to say "say what are you doing tonight?" or randomly typing from habit, "c 'detect hid';c'detect inv'". I was addicted...bad. then I got a job and quit cold turkey, haven't been back since, mostly cause I'm afraid I'll get caught u
    • actually _talking_, to say "say what are you doing tonight?"

      Been there, done that. Getting a job certainly kills most of the enjoyable college passtimes like MUDding though. Whether this is a good thing or not I'm still undecided... :)
  • ...nethack is the way to go! Sure it's only single player, but it's such a great game! I only discovered it recently, but it's already taking its toll on my schoolwork...
  • I host the website for them. Good stuff even if i havent played in a Bit.

    • Yup - great mud (really nice staff). I am there myself (though not so often anymore).
    • I played this MUD for about 8-10 months. It is just flat out awesome. Player controlled PvP. Quests, Trivia, Player Owned Homes, Guild areas in game. A Nice variety of areas to explore from SWG to Hell to Vampires. Was in a 'guild' called BARD and they rocked the house. Eventually I gave away my gear and deleted. Restarted like a year ago for awhile but eventually stopped playing again. It is still the best MUD out there.
      • I was on Aardwolf 5 or so years ago. I tried 50+ MUDs, and Aardwolf impressed me the most.

        The player community is very involved with the content, rules, and evolution of the game. Updates are implimented weekly. Back when I was active your character could gain over 1400 levels of experience, and I hear they have expanded that since.

        Can't say enough about this great MUD. Current MMORPGs on the market are trite and one dimensional compared to MUDs and especially Aardwolf.

        telnet to
        • I've been playing Aardwolf pretty much constantly since it's creation. It's a great community that has managed to avoid most/all of the traps that every other MUD I ever got into fell into, like the coding staff just leaving, or the imm staff nuking everyone, or losing hosting because nobody cared anymore.

          Theres a total of 12,663 possible levels - and there are (2 so far) people who actually meet that goal. Even after almost 7 years it's still being developed and expanded and worked on.

          I'll add some click

  • by Kibo ( 256105 )
    Based of old Diku code, and popular back in the day. Still well maintained, nice peoples, fun stuff.

    However, I can't mud, it's like alcoholism or something. I'm fine with it so long as I never do it.

    Still a great mud. Don't take my word for it, ask google []

    Official MadROM Page: []

    MadROM Photo Gallery: []

    MadROM MudClient page: []
    • " I'm fine with it so long as I never do it."

      *bonk* Woos! It's just a fookin' game, so don't blame da MUD for your addictive personality: Yo mama was a probably a crack ho and yo daddy shudda bot stock in Coors.

      Here's a happy *moon* to ya from MP the OV.

      Nice bit a advertising though. *pat*

  • Lunar eclipse [] and/orTelnet []

    While I'm biased as one of the staff. We've been around for a while and have a small but dedicated group that play. Its ROM based, with some fun extra's added in over the years.

    Come play, mention slashdot and get a free prize! (if I'm on and in a good mood)
  • ...long political/philosophical discussions on the nature of good and evil (and this is IC and on-topic on the public message boards), working political system, emphasis on roleplay... the only downside is that most of the guilds have you jump through rather elaborate hoops just to be a member. Pkilling is only a problem if you piss people off. Here's the website []... or just 23.
  • What is up with the MUD content on /. the past weeks? It's like the Mudconnector [] around here. I, of course am coding my own codebase, endymion, which is better than anything else :)
  • [Shameless plug]

    Not only do I play Medieval Times, I'm an "imm" there, too (so you'll excuse me if I am a bit biased). It's a circle code that has been highly modified and all stock areas have been removed a long time ago - we currently have over 10,000 original rooms. We offer interesting classes such as Necromancer and Psionist and other neat details like elemental damage and resistance. It would be hard to describe all the features of our mud, but if what you have read here intrigues you enough to wa
  • StarTrek MOO (Score:3, Interesting)

    by QuantumG ( 50515 ) <> on Monday September 29, 2003 @08:32PM (#7090402) Homepage Journal
    I used to play this cool StarTrek MOO that had a very impressive ship vs ship model. It literally took weeks to become proficient at one of the five stations of the command deck and, if you had the talent, you could control all the stations from the primary command station.. but you always got your ass whipped by any ship that had a full crew. Along with the ship to ship mode you could also walk around like a regular MOO, talk to people, buy and sell goods, etc. Unfortunately I think it shut down :(
    • Yeah, that was TrekMOO (known as TrekMOO 6, BeyondTrekMOO (BTM),, among other incarnations).. I played on it around 1997-1998. Before it died, and had another reincarnation, then died finally forever.

      My character was Coupland, a feddie.. the ship model was the best I ever saw before or since. Later on I played Among The Stars (ATS) Trek MUSH, which was pretty good. It ended up being a time waster in university so I left after a few years.

      If you search for TrekMOO on Google there is some d
  • I play ScryMUD [] but the players are all assholes, and the MUD is kinda dying. At least I met some good friends while it was popular.
  • After trying ou many different libs, I decided that diku, smaug, and all the rest just aren't as much fun as the Nitemare lib. Go ahead, disagree. Means less people taking mobs from my NM muds.

    Aside from of course Nitemare itself, the best NM mud I've played is Merentha [] located at

  • I've been playing Medievia for about 5 years now. I have one god character and 3 mortals, 2 of which are heroes.
    • I wonder if you're aware that medievia is based on stolen code, and that its owner has no right to sell items for money, which is a violation of the DIKU license. They used to mention the DIKU codebase upon which the mud is based in the game, but removed the credits when all of this came to light. I have no objection to someone asking for voluntary contributions sufficient to keep the game running (rather than selling powerful items under the guise of "donations"), but this guy makes a large profit from his
      • Y'know, I'm gonna go read the link, but I would be really surprised if there was much Diku code left in Medievia at this point...I was a builder for them for a while, then a coder, and the source code I saw is radically divergent from the Diku sources I've played with.

        Of course, your mileage may vary.
        • Well, I agree with the link, if I take the linux code base and reimpliment every function one at a time, it's still a very modified linux, now vryce should cleanroom v 5 and then he would be in the clear, but it's clear that some of the code is still the Diku source.
        • Even if this is true, it's still a derivative according to copyright law. You have to do a complete rewrite without referencing the old code in order to get a clear license.

          This gets argued in the Legal forum of all the time as each new poster says "I can just rewrite 100% of the code 1 function at a time, right?"
          • *nods* Yeah, you're right.
            On the other hand, I'm not sure I agree with that in its entirety. Whether I start with the code or not, it's possible to do an honest re-implementation. Of course, Vryce doesn't strike me as all that reputable (having met the guy), and anyone who'd make $80k/yr. on a mud and not pay any of his staff more than a pittance is not ethical in my opinion (why I wandered away in favor of volunteer muds)

            The really sad part is that there are numerous relatively original sections in Med
        • Actually, while on the surface it would appear that medievia wasn't a stock Merc mud, the source analysis posted by various people indicates that most of the changes, besides the addition of new modules, like dragonlairs etc., have been source transformations like:

          - straightforward conversions of C structs to C++ classes, and wrapping associated functions as methods

          - renaming variables in the "hungarian" convention (heh - wonder if that's a form of obfuscation)

          - removing comments which identified it as

      • Yeah I'm aware of the accusations but that's all they really are, accusations. No real action has been taken against it so why should I stop playing? On one hand you have some guy breaking some lisence agreement, and on the other you have people who somehow got their hands on medievia source code and published it on the internet, which IMO is a lot worse.
        • It's not just accusations. KaVir has plent of documentation to back it up.

          The DIKU authors are not US citizens. It would be expensive for them to travel to the US to fight a legal case for something that brings them no money.

          Codebase theft such as this has discouraged other engine authors from ever releasing their code. Codebase theft hurts the community.
        • Well, if it were a minor violation of some obscure clause of a license agreement, I wouldn't really mind either. But what you have here is someone who took an open source codebase (DIKU and merc), made some tweaks (remember, he started selling items in the mid 90s, when the game was pretty much a stock Merc mud, rather than with all the bells and whistles that have been tacked on now), and then claimed it was entirely his own code (which it demonstrably wasn't - as stated by former programmers, if you don't
        • One last remark - I think no one is really condoning the behavior of the medievia admins, but those who play there really like the game (muds and MMORPGs appeal to both the casual players and addictive personalities), and don't want to do anything that could disrupt that experience (I believe saying "diku" on the game is flagged for the notice of the admins, who regularly remove characters who try to talk about this issue). Which is understandable - I'm sure that a game that has been around this long has ac
  • I used to play AlexMUD (I belive it was many years ago. The original Diku MUD, so when people say that something's just a clone of other Dikus, they mean that it's a clone of Alex.

    They rewrote a lot of it a couple years ago, getting rid of any remaining "stock" areas. I haven't played for awhile though. It was a very small pbase, but that meant you got to know pretty much everyone very well. I had a lot of fun on Alex and kind of miss it sometimes, but I don't have time anymore
  • i'm a big fan of Legend of the Red Dragon and Trade Wars 2002. google either name (or their acronyms as in the subject) and you're sure to get a list of some of them. although i've been seeing most here pointing out D&D MUDs, LORD has a lot of D&D-like aspects, but TW2002 is a more sci-fi game.
  • The Forest's Edge [] has been around for quite a while. Lots of great features, I've been an on-again, off-again player there for going on 8 years now.

    To connect, open up a telnet to port 2000 [].
  • A couple... (Score:3, Informative)

    by DrEldarion ( 114072 ) <[moc.liamg] [ta] [0791uhcsm]> on Monday September 29, 2003 @09:55PM (#7090983)
    There are a couple that I deem absolutely perfect.

    The first one is MajorMUD. This is probably the best one out there because it's actually a commercial product. However, finding a good server is hard - most of them are plagued by scripters. It's absolutely mindblowing, though. HUGE world, everything is very well balanced, excellent array of items, monsters, spells, etc. For more information:

    Second one is Aardwolf. I ran across this a long time ago and thought it was great. It's a HEAVILY modified ROM MUD, with a great auction system, many new races, classes, and spells, LOTS of areas (many nerd-themed ones too!), a great battle arena, lottery, excellent automated quest system, and the list goes on and on. I think my favorite part is that it never takes itself too seriously. For more information:

    I highly suggest both of those, especially a MajorMUD if you haven't played one yet. It's great playing a professionally-made and supported MUD that keeps getting new updates.

    -- Dr. Eldarion --
  • ColdC is a *mud system* its really quite nifty. It works on customized C code, great documentation and community. I'm not big into the mud scene, never was or will be, but this is/would be my mud of choice. Supports an appache server serving up HTML pages, or you can connect direct, telnet style.

    The Cold Dark is the development server:

    Server list is here:

    Darth Fredd

    The ColdC server list is here:

  • []

    Awesome MUD based on Tolkien's work.
    • Very global community since _The Lord of the Rings_ has been translated into so many languages.
    • Huuuge world due to the contributions of so many people over the years.
    • Great variety of play types, you can play characters in safer areas fighting traditional computer controlled 'mobs', or you can join the ongoing war between the forces of light and dark.
    • You can play on either the good(human,elf,dwarf,hobbit) side or the evil(orc,troll,evil human)
  • : It's got player building and item creation, a classless character system, a lot of role playing ..

    I moved on from Avatar and Realms of Despair, it's worth it. Be prepared for a little bit of in-character factional politics (which gives roleplaying an edge, right?), but one of it's advantages is a pretty gentle learning curve.

    If you want more than hack and slash, without teh interface being arcane, and a decent sized player base (100+ max, ~30 min logged on), it's a good idea.
  • Natural Selection []

    A UK based MUD that seems to be a good place to learn, and helpful clans and teamplay. Anyone else have any experience with it?
  • AlteredReality (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Herbmaster ( 1486 ) on Tuesday September 30, 2003 @12:20AM (#7091242)

    I've been playing this mud called AlteredReality [] for almost 6 years now. It's really good and has the most interesting codebase I've ever seen on a mud. It's based on ROM 2.4 but it doesn't play like a ROM at all. It has neat features like a completely persistent world, roundless fighting and a lot of real-time gameplay stuff. It has an original stat (10 primary stats)/class (they're up to 8 classes)/skill and group-skill system, and it gets rid of a lot of the ROM-lameness inherent in practices, trains, levels, etc. (although there are levels). Level-based PK (noloss) is allowed but it's not a serious PK mud. The NPCs fight mean but fair. Player run clans, and automated quests, arenas, mobprogs... all the stuff you'd expect from a modern MUD. =)

    It also has some really cool features for the slashdot-geek, including ssh connections (ssh to port 4005, or telnet to port 4000), and a vt100 terminal mode which makes a mud client unnecessary. It's even got the latest openssh patch applied! The vt100 mode offers an inputline, prompt bar, line editing features, and there's built in speedwalks, etc.

    It's got a really good social environment which is probably its other major selling point besides the nifty codebase. They have mudders from all over the world (Guam, Norway, etc. -- seriously). And if you're into building they have a full set of OLC functionality. Oh they have a website [] too, but it's not nearly as good as just logging into the game itself and making a character, perusing the help files, etc.

  • If you're into Robert Jordan, then I would highly recommend WoTMUD (Wheel of Time MUD). You don't need to have read the books to appreciate it, however. Large player base, plenty of PK (now on two fronts, with the addition of the Seanchan), three races (Human, Trolloc, Seanchan), 4 classes (Rogues, Fighters, Rangers, Channelers (with Male ones different from Female ones, as per books), plus Fades). Clans, quests, smobs, newbie friendly areas, great builders, etc. Sucked away soooo much time in high school.
  • Try out Star Wars: From the Ashes MUSH. 9999

    It's the second oldest SW game around. Roleplay based combat from the WEG (Not the D20) SW RPG. Be a rebel, imperial, or whatever else, we're open-ended.

  • Every so often I'll log in to LambdaMOO ( just to keep my account alive or to see whats going on.

    I used to be far more active, but as time goes on I have less free time between work and school. Pity really, Lambda is one of the few MUDs I really enjoy because of its multifaceted nature - There are MUD-Like spots with puzzles and interactive 'critters', an RPG that got swallowed (easy access from under the hot tub... creepy), and a huge social area.

    Plus there are all those colorful
  • I'm still sticking to aardwolf [] which is a nice balanced MUD that got a lot of nice stuff. Usually about 200-300 people online at all times. *shrug* Been playing it for years, haven't really tried anything else... heh. They got a sweet new website online now! ;)
  • by tessaiga ( 697968 ) on Tuesday September 30, 2003 @01:53AM (#7091491)
    I'm surprised no one's mentioned it yet, but Top Mud Sites [] is a good place to check what's popular with people at any given moment. In addition to ranking the most popular MUDs, they also have interesting mudding-related articles [] and player reviews [].
  • I will now procede to ignore everything everyone just said about MUDs I should check out, out of fear that I could entirely cease to have any outside life.

    P.S.: Check out Avatar []. ;)
  • Actually, a recent form of Dyrt in my case. I happen to have the old world data files that have camelot, mjolnir, the icy dagger, and so on that were classic in the old AberMUDs.

    Yay me!

    So I play my own freshly compiled Dyrt on my NetBSD server, and that's my favourite so far. A bit obtuse at times... but fun!
  • I used to play a mud called tron, based on the film. Nothing like a traditional mud. You'd enter a game with a few other people (light cycles, tanks, disc) and run around a randomly generated game grid.

    Excellent concept and extremely well implemented.

    Also used to play Zebedee and BatMUD
  • I have been active in dragonmud [] for quite some time. I quote from the site...

    Unlike most MUDs, "role-playing" and having many "secondary" characters is less common on DragonMud. While it's fun to be someone else, the caring and supportive nature of our community makes it simple to slip "out of character" and stay that way indefinitely. In DragonMud think of it more as place-playing than role playing. It's still you, you're just in a very unusual world, with different laws and expectations.


  • I play Asylum MUD [], it's Aber-derived, but now has a unique codebase.

    The Siege quest is possibly the pinnacle of multi-player questing.

    From it's welcome screen, it's features include:

    Original Asylum Features :

    Fluid Immortality 'Defrob' System - April '95

    Object Donations - May '95

    QDone Dynamic Quest Status - April '95

    Body Combat System - August '95

    Quest Statistics - September '95

    Spell Object Attribute System - May '95

    Configuration / Login Menu - June '96

    Dreams - July '96


  • Ancient Anguish [] ofcourse. It's roots are as a relatively standard LP-mud, but it's evolved from there into something quite remarkable.

    It has laws, and a functioning half-democracy, that is there are in-game elections, and the elected do have a say in the running of the world.

    It is fully player-run and player-owned. That is, the hardware we run on is bougth and paid for with (completely voluntarily) player donations over the years.

    It is huge. Both in size, and in complexity, there's no end at all to th

  • These are a few of really amazing MUDs at the top of my very short list:

    * Sojourn / TorilMUD: I have been playing here since the early-mid 90s. It is a Forgotten Realms based setting w/ both good and evil races. The Imms have put a lot of time into balancing the MUD and creating a truly unique world. The quest system and zone creation is absolutely amazing. BUT this MUD is really for folks with a severe lack of a life and serious time commitment. It is not uncommon to require 4-8 (with MUCH higher r
  • dwMud (Score:2, Interesting)

    by deemah ( 644363 )
    discworld mud [] is the place i'm at.

    Lots of flexibility, plenty of social interaction and a great sense of humour.

    ( guess who's a creator there... )
  • Hack N Slash RPGD: Go here to download the free client. [] (Recommended)

    Or just telnet to []
    Source is available here. []
  • Just to get the name out since somebody suggested it yesterday there but it doesn't seem like anybody has gone ahead to write anything yet...

    A bunch of us ol' Ultima Dragons (and some non-dragons) like to hang out on the Weyrmount MOO ( What happens there? Anything from great meaningful^H^H^Hless debates on just about any topic to mass idling to various games/etc. 'Tis a fairly small crowd, but don't be too shy to drop by, whether you be a dragon or not.

    (Silhouette Dragon of th
  • I accidently put this in the one yesterday. Anyways I played Achaea [] for quite a while. PK is frowned upon unless you have permission, like if somebody griefed you, you can go to somebody in charge and try to get vengence. Basically your class puts you in with a certain group and city, although you have to earn the right to join and therefore don't have to if you don't want to. So anyways it's easy to find some friends.

    BTW is RotW supposed to stand for Ruler of the World? Because I trademarked that back in 9

  • I've played this MUD for years and really love it. I honestly think the key to its success is that it totally and fully rewards grouping. This encourages relations to be formed and maintained. Actually caring about the other people in a MUD makes life much much more interesting. Frankly, I think this aspect is much more appealing than its standard claim to fame: players can band together and form their own kingdoms. If they do, the staff makes custom skills for the kingdom and builds a small area for them.
  • I always preferred RP to hack and slash, hence a proclivity towards MUSHing.

    Paradox MUSH is a great Star Trek MUSH. Cool coded space, combat and econ; but no /so/ coded that it interferes with solid RP! Worth a look at: 1701

  • I help administer and play a MUD called Avendar.
    telnet 9999

    We're more of a smart-people MUD than a text version of Quake, in that we enforce roleplaying, and those who roleplay well are rewarded with extra benefits in the game (more character options, extra titles, surnames, houses, etc).

    Avendar features around 1,000 new skills and spells, and our in-game mob programming system has evolved into a fairly full-featured scripting language, making it easy for our builders to fill our world with in
  • I'm suprised I've only seen one person mentioned SojournMUD. I lost 2-3 years of my life to that MUD and still believe its the best out there. It is based (or was based) on the Forgotten Realms world and Everquest ripped off most everything from it. A few of the key developers on the original EQ team played Sojourn with me back in 94ish. I also started my own mud called Darkover MUD ( I was bored during Sojourn crashes so I loaded up a copy of CircleMUD source on my linux box. I
  • Try foxmud, [] a long running Merc dirivitive, that I have spent more than 1% of my life playing (which is quite a lot of time). One of those few great muds that desperately needs players, quad classes, 20,000 rooms, mud mail and lots of other stuff.
  • I really like I'll be honest, I choose it because it was the most popular at TopMudSites. Not because I just wanted to follow the crowd, but because I didn't want to feel isolated in a huge empty world. Achaea is very enjoyable and places a huge emphasis on player-player interaction. Any claims that Achaea sucks because you have to pay are either very outdated or very misinformed. (it is free)
  • [shameless plug]
    43 SC: War of Souls. A strange storm covers Krynn, bringing with it the prophet of the One God, Mina. Mina leads a revolt within the Knights of Neraka (Takhisis) and takes control of the organization. She enters the shield of Silvanesti with her troops, and assists the elves in defeating Cyan Bloodbane and destroying the shield. The Knights take control of Silvanesti.

    Realm of the Magi (formally known as DragonStorm) has been in ever-changing development since December 1997. Rather than j
  • NannyMUD [] is one of the first LPMUDs put together, and has a very large player base and world. It's been around since 1990, and has a nice wide range of guilds and quests and realms to explore.

    I haven't really played since 1999, but I still know people who do, and enjoy it to this day.
  • []

    This game ate my grades in high school and I never even made it to a second class character... My hat's off to the folks that manage to make it to Hero.

  • Back in the day I used to play a great MUD based on the Discworld universe. I wasn't a fan of the books back then, but the MUD was well written and fun to play.
  • I run, implement, and play on a MUD called Homeland MUD []. We've been open to the public since May of 2003 now but we've been in development since 1998. Before 2002 we were known as ExileMUD. The vast majority of our staff used to play or staff on Sojourn, Toril, or Basternae. The feel of the MUD's command structure is similar to that of Sojourn or Toril. Our areas are all original and consist of over 20,000 rooms. There are no stock areas.

    Some of our features:
    - All original 20,000+ room world - Based

    • I tried Homelands because several people told me it was similar to Sojourn, but a nice change. I have to say It has an overwhelming cheese factor to it...It has tons of races to choose from and classes, poorly balanced because of all of these choices. The ANSI made me ill...the whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth.
  • I like discworld, since I like the discworld books by Terry Pratchett that the MUD is based on. Very funny writing.
  • Dragonrealms! The name sounds campy but it is the best thought out MUD I have ever played. You used to be able to play for free through AOL, but now its about 9.95 a month. Skill based experience system. 8 guilds with two more in the making with one set to be released once DR2(major systems upgrade) comes out.

    It isn't for people who like to PK all the time, although PKing is allowed if it is concented by all parties and/or RPed out. Roleplaying is encouraged by role playing awards which increase your
  • Easy to get started. Worth a try. []

    Free, Big, Old, Playerkilling and mandatory roleplay

    And the best part is that you can find 95% of it mapped here: []

    Have fun.

  • I first discovered MU*-type games in 1996. I started then playing a mud called Alexandria, which used Smaug code. A few months into playing, Alexandria went down for a majour overhaul and was reborn as Desolation of the Dragon. I played that for a while, then DotD went down for an overhaul (late 97?). I didn't play muds again until 2001 or there abouts. I attempted to get back into DotD2.0, but it was still in the beta phase (and still is) and I didn't care for the new code they used (Smaug2.0).

    I'd used a

  • I used to Mud a lot - if you graphed my grades at Uni, you'd see a big downward curve (not that they were all that high to begin with) when I discovered Usenet news and then Muds (Thank goodness the Web wasn't around then (1990), otherwise I would have failed miserably !)

    After all these years I don't spend much time mudding, but I still play a few :
    TinyTIM : A MUSH, with a slightly warped sense of humour. No gaming system as such, except whatever individuals have hacked up in MUSH code (by definition

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