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20 years ago this week, started with just 500,000 sites. An anonymous reader quotes the San Francisco Chronicle: Now, the nonprofit San Francisco organization -- which celebrated the milestone with a party Wednesday night -- curates a vast digital archive that includes more than 370 million websites and 273 billion pages, many captured before they disappeared forever. It's more than an archive of Internet sites. The organization, founded by computer scientist and entrepreneur Brewster Kahle, now has a virtual storehouse ranging from digitally converted books and historic film to funny memes and audio recordings of Grateful Dead concerts...

The Internet Archive has survived through community donations and by working with about 1,000 libraries around the world that pay the group to help digitize books and other material. But the site itself remains free.

We've written about over the years, and its collection of 2,400 DOS games, over 10,000 Amiga games (and other software) and a massive collection of arcade machine emulators. And here's what Slashdot looked like back in 1998. But what's your favorite page on
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  • robots.txt (Score:5, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday October 29, 2016 @02:36PM (#53175663)

    One thing I greatly dislike about is that they retroactively apply current robots.txt contents to archived versions of a site.

    I had a website that I sold years ago which now has a no crawl directive so the entire history is gone from the archive. Why would they remove archived versions which permitted crawling?

  • Gimp (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward

    Saw the Slashdot screenshot's article on Gimp and realized that it still sucks as badly now as it did 18 years ago.

  • Audio of back-to-back Jefferson Airplane concerts from October 1966--Sygne Anderson's farewell show with the band, followed by Grace Slick's first one on the following evening, both at the Fillmore. Part of the Anderson gig was eventually (sometime in the 2000s, I think) released commercially.

    She died earlier this year--on the same day as Paul Kantner, IIRC.

  • that they will have to make an archive of
    • by Anonymous Coward

      There are two different archives of the Internet Archive. One is at the Library of Alexandria and the other is a distributed system that is done by many of the same people who are a part of Archive Team.

  • []

    if I owned a shortwave broadcasting station i would play those old radio shows exclusively
  • by Nick ( 109 ) on Saturday October 29, 2016 @03:06PM (#53175791) Journal
    i remember reading /. that day and those articles / headlines are still in my memory. feels weird.
  • by DMFNR ( 1986182 ) on Saturday October 29, 2016 @04:27PM (#53176103)
    I tried to register on the 1998 Slashdot so I could get one of those nifty "low UIDs" that apparently denote a programmer of great skill and wisdom around here but it didn't work and I'm still a 12 year old cut and paste Python programmer.
  • On their 10th anniversary, [] their front page had things you wanted to read about and things you cared about: conspiracies!

    9/11 Revisited: Scientific and Ethical Questions

    September 11th Revisited - Were explosives used?


  • The Old Time Radio archive, the Public Domain Movies and some kodi addons

  • All of the Amiga games were taken down after a ~week.

  • I like the audio recordings of the entire "Book of Urantia" in a computer generated Robot Voice, like for example "The Paradise Sons of God" from "The Central and Superuniverses": []

  • 99% of which they don't have the rights to publish.
    Most of the currents right holders won't care much but guys, this isn't right. And surely there's someone at who knows this.
  • plays it dumb when archived content becomes unavailable due to a domain drop catcher [] placing a robots.txt archiving exclusion on the domain.

    This would not be quite so suspicious if it were not for the fact that when the original author of the material "memory holed" by pays the extortion to the domain drop catcher, and requests that restore the content for the public, will frequently (always?) fail to do sodo so.'s motive?

    What is Google's motive for making its Usenet archives virtually unusable?

    He who controls the past... []

  • Nor traversed the links to find the attached Geocities sites. Seemingly it did not save Geocities, either. But at least I can document I had a site then. As an algorithm it is lacking. Pity I did not go open source and uploaded ALL my code, it did save the pure text files... But funny iexplorer is asking to play the automatic mp3 file though it does not understand the **format**...
    • WOW! Now I go to the machine and... IT CHANGED! IT CHANGED 2001 CONTENTS! I still have a copy of that site they copied. I do not care who is the thief, I want it DOWN. They are not getting life saving fame from it but only the money. Bad that it did not save the content files, but now the site dissapeared! What are they scared of? I have no idea who it is!!! I do NOT KNOW who stole the computer in 2004, only it was Ledezma who confessed about the computer stolen in 1999. Anyway, I have confidence the crimin
  • Really, I use it when I come across a URL but the site went down or a website that is interesting or has certain info I am looking for (i.e. a story or spec sheet for equipment) but the owners either went out of business or died. I even donate money to IA, I sure wish I knew of their party. I've been to a few "Lost Landscapes" of Prelinger's collection. Of course don't expect IA to archive everything, it just can't be done. Their neoclassic, Greek-columned home on Funston that matches their logo, that was c

Interchangeable parts won't.